Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC
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Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC
Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC
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We were very happy about how neat, clean and professional this company was. We shipped 8 large items of furniture to a family member several states away. NY to KY. Everything was done quickly and professionally. We did encounter a small glitch when trying to make payment and had to make a bunch of phone calls and texts. Hopefully when our credit statement comes in there will be no problem. The office was quick to answer questions. Emails seemed to be best form of communication . Very pleasant and curious. Highly recommend.
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The Dumbo Moving and Storage has some great guys. They are very quick and patient simultaneously. Especially Mason and David were excellent. They came and got ready to work on time with supporting tools. It seemed they were more than happy to help us. It’s not like that they were only happy to work rather they did the move without any incident. I am very eager to hire them for any further move. Recommended!
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I have been very pleased with our experience. Each Customer Service person was very helpful. We knew where we were moving to and included that info in our initial but had to store our things for over a year. The Service rep worked hard to get approval for delivery. It all went smoothly. The drivers called with delivery arrival times. No problems. The move couldn’t go any better. I will love to recommend them!
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Service was absolutely great! Movers arrived on time, did a quick walk through of the apartment to check all that had to be moved and then started the moving process promptly. There were no issues during the move and we were done within 3.5 hours which is outstanding given the amount of stuff we had! We have used Dumbo Moving a few times now. The reservation process is simple and quick, always love a flat rate, sales rep's are polite and very helpful. Highly recommended!
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It is a great relocation company with unique relocation capabilities. Their jobs are awesome. They know how to take care of customers. This relocation team treated my goods and me in such a good way. Unlike the previous relocation encounters, these were more courteous and preferable. Thank you! Couldn’t be more pleased with the entire moving experience! Will use them again anytime soon!
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