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Traçado Regulador. Lda
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Traçado Regulador. Lda
Traçado Regulador. Lda
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Founded in 1997, Traçado Regulador is a company dedicated to designing, consulting in architecture and engineering, surveyingworks and building inspection. The company benefits from a vast curriculum and professional experience, from its main collaborators and the public recognition in the works carried out.

Traçado Regulador puts a special emphasis on the rigor of the coordination between architecture project and other specialties, from the most embryonic phases of the project, that is, in the first sketches of the preliminary study. Our main concern is the user, the future fruidor of the spaces that we create, in his physical and psychological comfort, in his space experience. Having its roots in the project activity, Traçado Regulador has specialized progressively in the area of rehabilitation, acquiring the technical capacity to approach this theme in all its aspects: inspection, evaluation, design, remodeling. Regarding the inspection of buildings, Traçado Regulador performs the survey and instrumental measurement of the pathologies present in the buildings, makes the diagnosis of the possible causes and proposes the most appropriate solutions for the resolution of the problems detected. The set of partnerships established by Traçado Regulador has complemented its activity, ensuring a high quality service.

Rua Manuel Inácio, 4B
2770-223 Paço de Arcos


Óptimo professor e Arquitecto.. Recomendo
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Equipa de Excelência!
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Equipa muito profissional, o cliente está sempre em primeiro lugar.
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วันที่โปรเจค: มกราคม 2017
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