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Before and After: Instantly Forgettable to Indescribably Fashionable

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We are already rolling out eyes. Why? Because we have seen these before pictures and we just want to cry angry tears! Why anybody lets sweet flats go to rack and ruin is beyond us but it seems to be a regular occurrence or we wouldn't have transformations to show you every day.

Design Mellow are the design team that worked today's miracle and have made the task of turning an outdated, forgotten shell into a dreamy modern flat. The muted colours will be enough to persuade you that this is a project worth your time but there is so much more to be seen!

Before: What on earth?


We could sum this room up with just one word: no. Well, maybe two: please, no. The pistachio patterned wallpaper, obtrusive light fixture, laminate floor and general tatty state is just a shambles. There, we said it.

Not the tiniest living room we have ever seen, there is scope for something good to come out of this space but that potential is being squashed under a mountain of outdated awfulness.

After: Out of this world

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Modern, bright and chic, this is about as far away from the original incarnation as it's possible to be and we love the transformation. We particularly like that the huge, weird main light has been removed and replaced with subtle spotlights.

Parquet flooring has added a touch of elegance and a wall mounted media centre helps to make the most of the limited floor space. That sofa also looks good enough to snooze on. What a change!

Before: Is that a faux awning?


We've looked once, twice and three times at this picture and we can confirm that there is indeed a bizarre faux awning attached to the top of the door frame. What on earth is that for? It certainly isn't aesthetic value. If it was, the former owners were short changed!

More awful patterns on the walls, this time in colours that really don't work well together, have shrunk the space and those random cupboards are just depressing. Who could even live like this?

After: Thank goodness for minimalism

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Remove all the tatty 'decorative' features and what you're left with is this perfection. Bedrooms have rarely been so pared back and suave looking and in comparison to what was here before, this is almost unbelievable. Look, no weird awnings!

More parquet keeps the whole house nicely cohesive and with little to no clutter, this is a generous room that simply screams of quiet, restful times. That bed looks fantastic and with integral storage, everything is firmly kept in its place.

Before: We've had enough!


Oh, honestly. When a kitchen space is fairly cramped to start with, why would you throw in as many cupboards as possible? They aren't even all the same size so the effect looks busy, jumbled and as though it was put together by a total amateur. Though Shaker styling is classic, it somehow looks insanely dated in here. 

Get us out of here, we can't bear any more before shots!

After: A haven to cook in

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This is what you do in a small kitchen! A lack of top cupboards has opened the room right up and by keeping the lower ones sleek and handle free, they almost disappear. Beautiful grey/lilac styling keeps the look both on trend and classic, helping to ensure it won't date like its predecessor. By taking out the wooden floor the footprint also feels phenomenally larger. Big enough for a family-sized larder fridge, in fact.

Thanks to simple, modern decorating, an old fashioned and clumsily put together home has become a real talking point for all the right reasons. Let's hope that this design team tackles many more like this so we can rid the world of sad homes.

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