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The homify guide to creating a perfectly lit bathroom

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Although the toilet and tub/shower are certainly the most popular items in any bathroom, that doesn’t mean lighting can be put on the backburner. In fact, without proper lighting, your dream bathroom is more likely to become a gloomy space with an underdone style. 

But if you thought that changing a room’s lighting was as easy as screwing in a new bulb, then you require these bathroom-lighting tips more than you thought!

Let’s see what bright ideas can spark some dazzle in your dream bathroom…  

1. Layered lighting: Ambient

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A properly lit room (bathroom or otherwise) includes multiple light sources to ensure illuminated spaces for any number of activities.

Ambient lighting is usually the overhead lighting that fills a space with soft-yet-bright light. Depending on your bathroom’s size, you may require more than one overhead fixture.

homify hint: Should you opt for dimmers, first ensure your bulbs are compatible with dimmers to keep them in proper working condition for as long as possible. 

2. Layered lighting: Task

Task lighting is there to illuminate the space intended for certain tasks – and in a bathroom, those tasks can include applying makeup, taking a shower, etc. Include a few fixtures around your vanity and mirror, plus the shower and/or tub, and place more emphasis on function over form. 

3. Layered lighting: Accent

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As accent lighting is meant to highlight a certain object or area in a room, this type of lighting is normally three times brighter than ambient. Consider what lighting fixtures you will use to highlight your mirror, accent lights, and maybe even that piece of wall art in your bathroom. 

4. Bulb types and brightness: Compact fluorescents

A big no-no when it comes to proper lighting, compact fluorescents are very unflattering. Thus, they have no business being in a space that so many of us use for shaving, applying makeup, gussying up, etc. 

5. Bulb types and brightness: Standard incandescent

Although they can be proper in distributing light, you need to check the fine print of your standard incandescent bulbs. “Cool white” is what you’re after, as those with a yellowish glow simply do not have the correct colour index for detail-specific tasks that require optimum vision and precision. 

6. Bulb types and brightness: LED

LEDs use the least amount of energy (yay for living green!), plus are available in a rich collection of shapes (and styles and sizes). But make sure to pick bulbs that fall in the 4000K to 6500K colour temperature range. Although the latter perfectly mimics super bright white daylight, some people may find it too harsh, particularly for ambient lighting. 

7. Lighting fixtures: Wall sconces

Wall sconces are super practical: they take up no floor space, serve double duty (accent and task), plus can be purchased in any design style imaginable. 

8. Lighting fixtures: Chandeliers and pendants

If your bathroom has high ceilings, maybe consider installing a chandelier or some pendants for the ultimate in ‘wow’ lighting design. These can look amazing, especially when dangling over a bathtub, alongside your wall mirror, etc. 

9. Lighting fixtures: Flush-mount

Instead of hanging from the ceiling like a pendant, flush-mount lights are mounted into the surface. This is the ideal solution for when you want to strike a stylish balance between attractive pendants/chandeliers and hidden-from-view recessed lights. 

10. Lighting fixtures: Recessed

Recessed lights (also known as downlights) take up the least amount of vertical space, making them perfect for areas prone to splashes (like your shower). But, as always, put safety before style and opt to include a professional (Architect, Electrician, Interior Designer… ) when planning your dream bathroom – and its lighting.

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