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Interior Design 101: All about headboards

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Available in a wealth of shapes, styles and sizes, headboards can help craft the perfect focal point in a bedroom. Or take care of some storage. Thus, don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s a waste of time to search for the right headboard.

Speaking of which, here are top tips from Interior Designers/Decorators on how to do that…  

1. Choosing your headboard: Consider your room’s size

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Size matters when it comes to furnishings and accessories, and that certainly includes the piece you plan on planting right behind your bed (which is the main item in any bedroom). If you’re lucky enough to have a great and spacious bedroom, then a tall showstopper in stunning fabrics might be perfect. For those with lower ceilings and limited legroom, a headboard with gentler curves and calmer colours is the preferred option. 

2. Choosing your headboard: A bespoke piece

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If you’re creative or quite the experienced DIYer, you might want to inject some wow factor into your headboard (and, as a result, your entire bedroom) yourself. Of course exactly what you “may” do to your headboard will depend on your bedroom’s design style.

A modern / contemporary bedroom usually goes with more metals or woods than fabrics. And layered fabrics with eye-catching prints might be better suited to the colonial, traditional, or classical styles. 

homify hint: Using colours in your headboard that are already present in the rest of the room (i.e. a scatter cushion, wall art) can help to visually pull the entire room together. 

3. Choosing your headboard: Make a statement

A tight budget doesn’t have to mean a dull and under-styled headboard. If you want to indulge in a luxurious design usually found in 5-star hotels, a statement headboard is your best bet. 

Since a bedroom counts as one of the private rooms in a home and not everyone is likely to see it, that usually means one is allowed to bend the interior-design rules a bit. Thus, don’t be scared to add a bit of height, colour, and wow-worthy texture to your headboard design. 

homify hint: Constructing a winged headboard is a brilliant idea if you feel the need to zone off your sleeping space.  

4. Choosing your headboard: Wonderful in wood

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Wood has proven to be one of the best building tools on this planet, regardless of whether it’s for furniture, decorative pieces, or entire structures. And don’t overlook the way in which wood can attribute to a simple and sleek design.

In the mood for a more minimal, Nordic-inspired look for your room? A simple oak frame should do the trick. 

5. Choosing your headboard: Save on space

In these days where space is considered an endangered species, multi-tasking furnishings and accessories deserve all the praise they can get. Fortunately, big suppliers and designers have caught on, and one doesn’t have to look very far to stumble onto pieces with built-in storage compartments or cubbies. 

But if ‘storage’ and ‘neatness’ are the two main keywords, is it really necessary to build an entire headboard? How about just adding a couple of charming floating shelves to that wall, stacking some neat displays on there (a book or two here, a potted plant there… ), and letting that unique design speak for itself? 

6. Choosing your headboard: What about a classic?

Wooden carvings; ornate detailing; a superb mixture of bright and dark colours… yes, the classic design style is enjoying another 15 minutes of fame at the moment! And that’s why headboards with first-class fabrics, tufted designs, and elegant finishes are popping up more and more these days. 

Maybe just ensure the rest of your room also has a slight classic/traditional vibe going on before building (or investing) in a supreme classic-style headboard.

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