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The dos and don'ts of decorating your balcony

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Even the smallest of balconies can be styled up to become a striking little outdoor oasis. But always remember there are various style blunders to sidestep – after all, if interior design was easy, there’d be no need for professional Interior Designers / Decorators, right?

So, while we do encourage you to have fun decorating your balcony, be sure to abide by these dos and don’ts…  

1. DO consider your balcony’s function

First of all, always know what you want to use that balcony for before rushing out for furnishings and décor. As a delicate little reading spot? For barbecuing with friends? Outdoor dining? To grow some herbs and flowers, perhaps?  

Defining your balcony’s purpose right at the start will help you choose the correct pieces. 

2. DO go with slim, lightweight furnishings

Even the biggest of balconies can be cluttered up pretty quickly if you don’t use the correct pieces. So, avoid those bulky furnishings and hunt for lightweight chairs, benches and tables that flaunt a slim frame and are easy to shift around. Bonus points if you can get see-through seating (such as cane or mesh) to help save on visual space. 

3. DO distract with pretty patterns

Just because your balcony counts as an outdoor space doesn’t mean it can’t be privy to a rug or runner. This will help to soften the boundaries between inside and out while adding a stylish dose of colour, pattern and texture.

Just be careful not to overdo it with the patterns – you want those stripes (or chevron, or polka dot… ) to add visual character to the space and make people forget there’s very limited legroom, not overthrow the entire balcony. 

4. DON’T clutter the space

What’s the point of having a balcony with state-of-the-art pieces if you can’t move around, or even sit down properly, in a comfortable manner? Even though that luxurious corner seating beckons you to take it home and place it on your balcony, drop the idea if the end results won’t be practical. 

Your balcony can still enjoy a stylish and functional look with foldaway chairs and tables! 

5. DON’T overlook your balcony floor

Not enough room for seating on your balcony? The do what you can to make the flooring a standout feature. 

Faux grass can ensure a lush look, while a rug / carpet immediately adds a soft underfoot sensation. Even cute little tiles can take a balcony floor from bland to brilliant without sacrificing any legroom. 

And remember that you can always make use of the walls for accessories if you really can’t spare any legroom on your balcony floor (i.e. floating shelves, hanging pots). 

6. DON’T go too minimalist

We know that less is more, but opting for too few pieces can also send a message that you’re lacking in style ideas. 

Your balcony needs to be pretty and practical, right? So, don’t leave space bare just for the sake of it. If there’s room for a side table (or extra chair, or potted plant, or floor lamp), use it! And should you really want to have a minimalist-style balcony, ensure you have at least one standout piece that flaunts some colour / pattern. 

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