The first-class renovation of a Johannesburg family home


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The first-class renovation of a Johannesburg family home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
โดย Creo-B Designs
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When it comes to the architectural- and construction industry, we are truly blessed with a myriad of professionals: Architects, Landscape Designers, Flooring Experts… these, and more, are all equipped and skilled to help us achieve our dream spaces.

But what if said dream space was considered trendy once, yet not so much anymore? What if your family home looks a bit outdated, even decrepit? Then it’s time to opt for another type of professional in the industry: that of restoration and renovation experts, who are there to help us give our homes (and offices, and just about any other architectural structure) a more modern and updated appearance.

Case in point, this family home in Johannesburg which was considered in vogue about 20+ years ago, yet which desperately needed a modern update…  

A real stunner (once upon a time)

โดย Creo-B Designs

We get a distinct 1980s vibe when viewing the house’s exterior façade – or rather, the external appearance it used to flaunt before the renovation project. 

The back side

โดย Creo-B Designs

The “old” look of this family home was based on the Tudor design style. And although the Tudor style can still be quite charming, it’s clear that this house was past its golden days – case in point, the outdated burglar bars and old-fashioned roof design. 

Don’t forget about nature

โดย Creo-B Designs

Even the yard and garden trimmings needed a serious update to give it a more modern vibe flaunting 21st century splendour. 

A new look (the front side)

โดย Creo-B Designs

Now that's how you wow guests with a striking first impression. Gone are the outdated look and worn-out surfaces and fixtures. Replacing them is a soft and creamy colour palette, a subtle mixing of building materials, and a clean-cut style for the front entrance (including the charming brick pathway taking us right to the front door).

Perfect little socialising spaces

โดย Creo-B Designs

What else makes this renovation perfect for 21st century living? The dedication to socialising, especially outdoor ones – just look at that backyard porch, neatly framed by a pergola-like design, spacious enough for quite a variety of outdoor furnishings and decorations.

A dreamy back yard

โดย Creo-B Designs

It's clear that the yard and garden weren't skipped in this renovation process – just see how much fresher and neater everything from the lawn to the trees look. However, one feature stands out prominently, and that is the generous swimming pool located only a few metres away from the house, making it the perfect add-on for South Africa’s hot summer days. 

A good look at the entire rear side

โดย Creo-B Designs

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