Décor tips for stylish living rooms

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A stylishly proportioned living room that gives a sense of grandeur and makes visitors feel warm and comfortable is every homeowner’s dream. However, replicating this effect in every living area is a challenge as many little details make up a room and small decoration mistakes can mar the look of the space. To design a dreamy living room, pick your favourite from these decoration ideas and enjoy a refreshed and improved space.  

1. Choose the perfect colour

It is well-known that colours affect human sentiment in various ways, and to make guests feel comforted and calm within the room, choose tones that soothe and relax. Serene shades like blue, grey, off-white, lemon yellow or beige can make the living room appear large and spacious.  

2. Coat the walls and ceilings

Living rooms are a highlight of the house and are generally given more attention than other rooms. To make the area showcase your unique style and sense of design, decorate it with an accent wall or choose wall coverings that highlight the attractive furniture and decorative items on the shelves. A wall decorated with a simple print can prove to be the perfect base for ceiling lights to reflect off them and add a look of antiquity to the corner shelf.  

3. Add character with wood

Wooden trims on the ceiling and the corridor can subtly separate the living room from the rest of the house, while pillars provide structural support to the false ceiling and bring traditional grandeur to an otherwise modern living room. Woodwork can give the living room a distinctively classic look with the bench style seating area on the side and decorative shelves from floor to the ceiling complementing it. Stylishly arranged sofas in front of a panelled display unit that houses the television and few decorative pieces combine to give the room a sense of peace and comfort. 

4. Classy flooring idea

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Give the living room flooring as much attention as you would to the furnishings and other details. While decorative tiles can make a style statement, carpets and mats with unique patterns and vibrant colours can be equally impressive. The cheerful mustard and vanilla carpet in the middle provides a base for the furniture arrangement and adds warmth to the bright living room decorated in classic style.

5. Set a focal point

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Usually, the television area or fireplace is the focal point of the living room, but you can create a unique highlight to represent your sense of aesthetics by displaying artwork or playing with mirrors. 

6. Furniture arrangement

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Living rooms traditionally have been treated as comfort zones or meeting areas where families gather to discuss events of the day or talk about important issues. Small square rooms can have a combination of single and multiple seating options that face each other to make discussions convenient. If the living room is large and rectangular break the seating arrangements into groups with chairs, stools and settees that are in either small or large circles as desired. 

7. Arrange inviting lighting

Living room lighting should provide a relaxing ambience. Moreover, one should be able to reduce or increase the brightness for reading, watching television or chatting. Layers of illumination distributed over the ceiling, walls and floor ensure ample light for multiple activities or in different sections of the room.

8. Decorate the windows

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Though heavy drapes and canopied windows are rarely seen in modern homes, you can dress them up to suit your sense of style. The combination of floor to ceiling light and dark shaded curtains add a touch of understated elegance to the living room. Additionally, they can be used alternatively at different times of the day either to block sharp sunlight or to provide privacy while filtering natural light. 

9. Classy media center

If the living room is also the media room of the house and has a mix of entertainment equipment like the television, music system and other gadgets, then arrange them all together in one place. The TV can be the centrepiece on the focal wall with bookshelves flanking it like pillars on either side to set the mood for a perfect evening of entertainment on the weekends.  

10. Wall art as accessories

Got paintings or family photographs that you want to display on empty walls of the living room? Hang them over the sofa or close to the television on eye level for better impact so they can easily become topics of conversation. This group of five paintings above the seating area at eye level with focused lighting is the ideal setting to highlight your collection.

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