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Smart Layouts for a Small Living Room

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Organising a small space is, and perhaps will always remain, a tricky business. This, however, does not imply that effectively redecorating a small space like a living room should be beyond you. Refurbishing a small space possesses some inherent challenges and, when done correctly, greater rewards. The lounge area is the first formal room of a building where your guests step in, that is unless your house boasts a very big hall. Redecorating it in style is sure to create great impressions in the minds of your guests.

It is quite possible that you too spend a significant part of the day in your living room, not only for entertaining your guests but also to have a fun-filled time with the members of your own family – catch the tidings of the day, watch your favourite sporting action or reality show on TV or complete some of the pending office work. A comfortable and cheerfully decked-up living room is a prerequisite for every home. So let us see, what are the layout experiments that you may indulge in to make it more inviting.

Small sofa with a coffee table

A small living room must have a small sofa. Until this point it seems quite simple. But as soon as you go through a catalogue, search online or arrive physically at any of the local furniture stores you may find yourself overwhelmed by the availability of choices. So, before you even begin your search, measure the area where you are about to set this sofa accompanied by a coffee table. Use masking tapes for demarcation which would ensure precision during measurement processes. Invest in a two-seater couch. Shun the bulky versions, but insist on comfort, especially if you frequently use this space. Place a stylish coffee table in front of it. Sleek coffee tables with metallic finishes or glass-top versions look great in a small space.

Make use of the corner space

Show your ingenuity in making ample use of every square inch of available space. There is a corner space that you have so far neglected. Why not make proper use of it now? Set a beautiful couch and a coffee table there to create a tiny but cheerful lounge. You will also manage to reduce some of the existing clutters of your room, if any. Consider having a sectional sofa. It can accommodate more people and gives a clean and contemporary look to your living room.

Small sofa with chairs

This is by far the most popular style seen in the majority of small to medium sized living rooms. You will be able to comfortably accommodate a small sofa and one or two chairs in a space of about 120 sq feet or 11 sq metres. If you are already following open-plan living then you may have greater liberties of manoeuvring your furniture. Here too, avoid the bulkier sofas and armchairs that are extra cosy. See how The Sibarist Property & Homes chose Hardoy chairs to provide company to this small sofa in a tiny living room. The generosity of natural light has also helped to enliven the interior.

Sofa in front of a TV cabinet

This is another one of the popular layouts. In a small living room you can afford to place a single sofa opposite the cabinet wall. Depending on the size of your room you can invest in a couple of armchairs or stools. Make sure there is enough space between the TV and the viewers seated on the sofa. The bigger the screen size, the greater should be the distance. To ensure a comfortable viewing experience, you can see our suggestions for decorating a cosy media room.

Sofa bed in a studio apartment

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Are you are a proud owner of one those tiny but stylish studio apartments? Then think of bringing home a trendy sofa bed that acts like a settee in the daytime and converts itself into a comfortable bed at night. Place it in an area that is well ventilated and receives sufficient natural light. It is no secret that a sunny room looks more expansive and welcoming than its darker counterparts. You may also need to arrange for an extra set of cushions and bed furnishings appropriate for your daytime couch and night time bed.

Two chairs in front of a window

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Family Home in Winchester's Sleepers Hill

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We are so used to seeing sofas occupying the focal positions of our living rooms that we cannot think of existing without them. But if available space is really on the shorter side, think hard about placing a sofa in the middle of your living room. Perhaps, you only entertain very few close friends or family members at your home and that too occasionally. In such a case, you may not need to have a couch at your home at all. Instead, place a couple of cosily upholstered chairs near the window or covered terrace. Keep a few stools handy or see if you can use your dining chairs in case there is a sudden surge in the number of visitors.

Spread a rug on the floor

Do not be shocked at the very mention of this idea! You can really live without any or a bare minimum of furniture at home. Spread a rug, tatami or an organic mat on the floor. Throw a few snug cushions around and enjoy a long discussion with your friends. For modern globetrotters, living this way could be an added boon. You will be able to travel light when the next call for relocation comes in. Asian homes are long practising this, now you too can enjoy decking up your lounge this way and have the benefits of living in an uncluttered, healthy and cheerful space.

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