25 decorating tips for small bedrooms with wardrobes


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25 decorating tips for small bedrooms with wardrobes

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Real estate in India is getting more expensive, and with it, homes are getting smaller. This affects the layout and decoration of small bedrooms with wardrobes as there doesn’t seem to be any space left for a TV, a cabinet or even a chair. It can seem like it’s impossible to make small-bedroom décor look beautiful, but we are about to show you how to achieve it with some simple tricks and tips.

Before you begin decorating small bedrooms

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The first step when considering how to make the most of a small bedroom is to measure the area to ensure that the furniture fits into it. If one already has a bed or a cabinet, measuring them will help with the decision of whether to use the same items or to replace them with more suitable pieces of small bedroom furniture. The issue with using furniture that is too big for an area is that it will hinder movement within the bedroom or prevent the bedroom or closet doors from opening fully.

It’s best to draw the layout to visualize where each piece of furniture can be placed. One can get an interior designer to assist with the process.

1. The ideal size of the bed in small bedrooms

Double beds come in a range of sizes, and it’s only normal to want a larger and more comfortable bed. However, keeping in mind the need for easy movement within the area, it’s best to be sensible when choosing the right size of bed. It’s important to know the standard sizes in which beds are available to plan the small bedroom furniture arrangement better:

·   Double bed: 1.38m x 1.88m 

·   Queen size bed: 1.58m x 1.98m 

·   King size bed: 1.85m x 1.98m 

·   King size bed: 1.93m x 2.03m

The standard double bed is usually the best option for small bedrooms.

2. Minimum passage space in small bedrooms

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Ideally, one side of the bed should not be placed against a wall so that there is a minimum passage space of 65cm on either side of the bed. The recommended space is between 70cm to 80cm. This measurement should be used to measure the distance in all parts of the room, whether it’s the area between the bed and the wardrobe or the bed and the television cabinet.

3. The distance between the bed and the TV in small bedrooms

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Installing a TV in a small bedroom with a wardrobe can be complicated. In such cases, besides the circulation around the bed, the height of the TV should also be considered. Ideally, the TV should be at the height of between 50cm and 70cm from the bed. This means that it will be approximately 1.20m to 1.40m from the floor. However, keep in mind that it’s all about individual comfort. It’s advisable to test the height of the TV to see what seems most comfortable. The recommended distance of the TV from the headboard of the bed is 2.60m.

4. Where to place the TV accessories in small bedrooms

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Usually, the TV has a set of support equipment such as a DVD player or a set top box for the cable TV. When looking for small bedroom decorating ideas, a simple solution is to create a shelf above the television for such equipment. It will improve the circulation in the room.

5. Keep the side table optional in small bedrooms

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Side tables are a common sight in most bedrooms, and they look great with large furniture. However, in small bedrooms, it might be better to avoid them to increase the circulation around the bed. If one must have a side table, opt for flexible rather than fixed models to give a lightness to the environment.

6. Small bedroom design ideas – sliding doors for the wardrobe

An excellent solution for saving space in a small bedroom is to use sliding doors on the cabinets. If a simple hinged door wardrobe is preferred, ensure that the doors can open fully without hitting the wall or the furniture.

7.  An open wardrobe for small bedrooms

Another option for the wardrobe is an open model that does away with the doors. The advantage of this design is that it makes the interiors more accessible than sliding door cabinets.

8. Storage shelves for small bedrooms

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Shelves are an essential element in modern bedroom designs as one needs to store books or display décor accessories. An easy solution is to use floating shelves so that the floor is left free for circulation.

9. Mirrors for small bedrooms

A full-length mirror is essential in every bedroom, but if space is a constraint in a small one, consider a mirror wall. Place it opposite a bright coloured wall so that it reflects the beauty.

10. Space saving design for small bedrooms – a desk and dresser

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In a professionally designed bedroom, it’s possible to optimize space by using hybrid furniture such as a desk that doubles up as a dresser, or a mirror with storage behind it.

Get ideas from these space-saving designs for small bedrooms.

11. Mirrors on wardrobe doors in small bedrooms

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Another way to incorporate a full-length mirror in a small bedroom is to install mirror laminates on the wardrobe doors.

12. Optimise the space under the bed in small bedrooms

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Under-bed storage is a vital part of small bedroom furniture as it presents additional storage without compromising on the area available for circulation.

13. Storage solutions in small bedrooms – organized interiors

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It’s not enough to have wardrobes in a small bedroom. For the room to look organized, the interiors of the wardrobe should be planned with drawers and partitions that ensure that everything is arranged neatly.

14. Dividing the storage in small bedrooms

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If the layout of the room doesn’t allow for the wardrobe to be placed along an entire length of the wall, an option is to split it up into two different sections. Alternatively, other pieces of small bedroom furniture such as cabinets can be used to store certain items.

15. Furniture ideas for small bedrooms – a side table and a dresser

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Another option for hybrid furniture is a side table that doubles up as a dresser unit.

Hire a professional carpenter to build customized furniture for small bedrooms.

16. Lighting in small bedrooms

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In most bedrooms, there is one main ceiling light such as a chandelier. However, in a small bedroom, the area can be kept lighter by using a spotlight or a unique lampshade.

17. Reading light for small bedrooms

Since the small bedroom should feel light, reading lights can serve a dual purpose by acting as wall washers to highlight the texture or colour of the wall.

18. Storage in small bedrooms

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When additional storage is required in a small bedroom, don’t neglect the space above the headboard. It can be used to create loft storage for items that aren’t used regularly.

19. Layouts for small bedrooms

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Although it isn’t an ideal solution, pushing the bed against a wall can ensure that there is enough circulation space for opening the wardrobe doors comfortably or for moving around the room easily.

20. Combining the TV and the wardrobe in small bedrooms

Sometimes, the layout of the room offers only one wall on which both the television and the wardrobe can be placed. An innovative solution is to install the TV on the wardrobe door.

21. Décor ideas for small bedrooms

Using horizontal lines can create the illusion of amplitude in a small bedroom. A horizontal design on the headboard works much better than vertical lines.

Find more ideas for making a small bedroom look bigger than it is.

22. Light tones and colours are ideal

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For ensuring that the room looks airy and relaxing, it’s advisable to use light or neutral shades in small bedrooms.

23. Sheer curtains

Similarly, instead of heavy drapes, light or sheer curtains are a better option for small bedrooms.

24. Vertical stripes for the illusion of height

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Just as horizontal stripes create the sense of width, using vertical stripes on the wallpaper or headboard will help to trick the eyes into believing that the room is larger than it is.

25. Sliding door in the bedroom

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Last, but not the least, is an idea to improve the circulation within the room by opting for a sliding door that connects to the bathroom.

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