How to organize your home and get rid of hidden clutter?


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How to organize your home and get rid of hidden clutter?

โดย SDA designs คลาสสิค
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Once again it is the festive time of year. With Diwali round the corner all we have in mind is deep cleaning our house and decorating it to welcome the Goddess of wealth and of course our family and friends. There is a reason why our festivals are associated with cleaning and clearing our home. Dig into deeper meaning and you will find that it is just a way to free our home and eventually our mind and soul with all the clutters we have gathered in a year. Though it is not at all surprising, but often we are unaware of these clutters we are living with.

Even Vastu suggest you to declutter your home for a peacefully content life and happy home. Clutter in the home blocks the free flow of energy. Stagnant energy means accumulation of negative vibes blocking the way of positive energy searching for a way to your home and life. Clutter is not just limited to holding the flow of energy in your home. It also blocks your mind, pollutes your soul, and brings your life to a point where you feel frustrated and stuck.

 But then when we pick up to clear the clutter, we feel a connection with the physical items we have been holding, many a times not even aware that we own them.

It’s human to get attached with physical possession. Usually it’s not the material possession we are attached to; it’s the memory connected with the object that we are attached. Gifts from friends and family, favourite dress, half-used expired make-up, children’s toys, even the empty boxes of electronic gadgets… Isn’t it? Memories are made in mind and not in clutters. If you are not using it, it adds up in the pile to become a clutter. The reality is that if you haven’t used it in a year you are not going to use it again.

There may be countless items around us which no longer holds importance in our life but is still there because of our emotional attachment or maybe we are yet to accept that we don’t need it now. It is important to get detached and pave way for a new beginning. So why not start with it now. As the year is ending making way for a new year to take over, let’s declutter our home for a fresh start. To make your work simple we have prepared a list of ‘things’ which has now become a clutter in your home. Let’s check the list and declutter your home and eventually your life for a fresh beginning… Have a look!

1. Clear up the crowded crockery unit

โดย homify เอเชียน แผ่นไม้อัด Plywood

2. Give retirement to the expired food items in the kitchen

โดย homify คลาสสิค

3. Glass, kitchen accessories, breakable crockery which have lost its partner over the period of time

โดย I Nova Infra โมเดิร์น

4. Get rid of extra, worn out and mismatched coffee mugs, tea cups and utensils which are no longer in set or in use

โดย ZERO9 คันทรี่

5. Old is gold but not if it pots and pans especially the non-stick ones

6. Tasteless and expired seasoning and spices which has lost its mojo

โดย DECOR DREAMS โมเดิร์น

7. Spoons and ladles which have served you enough

โดย Poise โมเดิร์น

8. Lids gone, let the jars follow it too

โดย homify โมเดิร์น หินอ่อน

9. Gadget or electrical and electronic appliances that you forgot to offer in exchange

โดย homify มินิมัล

10. Toiletries, tooth paste, tooth brush… and endless items which we forget to ditch in the bin

โดย ZERO9 โมเดิร์น

11. Soap dispensers, soap case and other bathroom accessories which are old and broken

โดย DECOR DREAMS สแกนดิเนเวียน

12. Old and expired even if unused cosmetics, medicines, toiletries; if you haven’t used it yet don’t use it now

โดย Aesthetica โมเดิร์น

13. Toys and décor your children have outgrown… no use to keep it. Believe us; they hate it now.

14. Stained and worn out furnishing begging to be retired

15. Check your cupboard and be ruthless and throw away socks with missing pair, out of fashion clothes, broken shoes, out of fashion accessories… in fact it will be quite therapeutic experience once you have cleansed the space

16. Give your dressing table a makeover and declutter the fashionably old bangles and jewelries you no longer use

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

17. Turn for a moment and your child will outgrow the clothes. Don’t keep it. Trust me it will never fit the, again.

18. Over used footwear, bags, sunglasses, fashion accessories will certainly not suit your personality. Get rid of them.

19. Fashion changes every year. Keep your closet up to date, walking hand in hand with trends and donating the old ones to the needy.

20. Pen and markers which doesn’t work anymore, old stationary items, notebooks, unfinished project or old project which is no needed anymore

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

21. Old computer, printers, charger, batteries, etc which have faithfully served you till their last breadth.

โดย Decoratespace อินดัสเตรียล ไม้ Wood effect

22. Gadgets for entertainment, DVDs, CDs, play station, etc which has now become obsolete with the advancement in technology

23. Old books, magazines, children’s books… in fact there must be many books on the shelves with loads of memories attached but someone needs it more.

โดย Designasm Studio โมเดิร์น

24. Broken or worn out pots and vases

โดย Grecor ชนบทฝรั่ง

25. Garden furniture which has lived a successful and beautiful life and can no longer be functional and enhance the beauty of your garden

โดย MAAD Concepts โมเดิร์น อิฐหรือดินเผา

26. Gardening items no longer in use and have forgotten to throw it in the bin

ผสมผสาน  โดย brush64 , ผสมผสาน

brush64's collection of inspiration


27. Magnet on the refrigerator from your vacations, make space for new ones

โดย Designasm Studio โมเดิร์น

28. Decoration pieces, paintings on the wall, artifacts and souvenirs which you have replaced with new ones

โดย ZERO9 โมเดิร์น กระจกและแก้ว

29. Candles still waiting to be burned

30. Check for any other item/ items which you have just thrown in the garage or lofts with a hope that someday you will need them

โดย Koncept Living คลาสสิค

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