How can I design a wardrobe that is functional and beautiful?


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How can I design a wardrobe that is functional and beautiful?

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Big is not always beautiful! When it comes to bedroom wardrobe storage, a lot of thought needs to go into designing it so that it’s practical and stylish. The cost of materials won’t alter drastically between a well-organised closet and an impractical one. Therefore, it’s wise to put one’s money to the best possible use by organising the space cleverly. From deciding on the ideal closet size for the room to ergonomics and internal systems, this article is a practical guide to designing the perfect bedroom wardrobe.

How do I decide on the size of the wardrobe/closet?

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As tempting as it may seem to build a large closet that takes care of one’s growing needs until the next decade, it’s essential not to lose sight of the fact that the bigger the wardrobe, the less space the bedroom will have for other furniture or accessories. This point is more significant in a small bedroom where building a cupboard along the entire length of the wall makes the room appear cramped. Decide on all the pieces of furniture you need in the bedroom – the bed, desk, side tables, chairs – to get a rough idea of the amount of floor space to sacrifice for the closet. A smaller cupboard will also save money!

How should I organise the space inside the wardrobe?

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The secret to an organised closet lies in arranging clothes of the similar type or size next to each other. The easiest way to do this is to sort everything to get an idea of the different lengths or widths that one needs while hanging or stacking clothes. After this, group all the clothes of the same size to know about the shelf space to allocate to them. Make smart use of the closet by leaving a small gap between the hanging clothes and the shelf to store extra items.

How do I make the wardrobe efficient?

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Don’t neglect to consider ergonomics when designing a wardrobe. The shelves and hangers should be easy to access without having to stretch too high and risk injury. Similarly, pulling up a ladder or stool to access seasonal storage once every few months is acceptable, but no one likes to use them every day to get clothes from the wardrobe. Therefore, when designing the space, place the rods and shelves so that one neither needs to bend nor stretch too much to access anything. Don’t make the shelves too deep to prevent having to move things in the front to get something from the back.

When storing shoes in a closet, it’s advisable to design a custom drawer with tilted racks. It makes them easier to access than if they are on the bottom shelf of a cupboard.

How do I design a small wardrobe?

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For a small closet, one needs to compromise on some features to make it more efficient. A simple way to organise the space better is by eliminating drawers from the cupboard. It will not only free up space for shelves but also reduce the cost of building the wardrobe. Usually, one uses drawers to store small clothes or accessories, but alternative pieces of bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers can hold these items just as well.

Similarly, box or drawer storage under the bed can help to store shoes or winter clothes, freeing up space in a small or single wardrobe.

Get design ideas from these compact wardrobes.

What is the best way to store accessories inside a wardrobe?

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Customising is the key to efficient storage in a bedroom wardrobe. While clothes and shoes can be hung or stacked, arranging accessories can be more of a challenge. However, thanks to convenient storage solutions such as tie racks and bag hooks, one can arrange things neatly and make them more accessible.

Work with an interior designer to get a wardrobe customised.

What type of door is ideal for a bedroom wardrobe?

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It depends entirely on the size of the room and the floor space available. Hinged doors are the most common and easy to use, but they take up more space. Folding or sliding doors are a better option for a small wardrobe in a tiny room. Of course, one can always do away with the closet doors and have an open wardrobe to save space. However, this comes with the challenge of keeping everything neat always.

Get tips for using sliding door wardrobes.

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A wardrobe as a headboard

When the room is so tiny that the bed shares the wall with the closet, design the wardrobe so that it looks like an extension of the headboard. Additionally, the placement of the bed in the niche between the cupboards on either side gives the room a cosy feel.

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A window seat in a wardrobe

Use the space on the sides of a window to build a wardrobe and incorporate a window seat in the middle to add a space-saving seating area in the bedroom. Adding cushions and throws can bring a cosy feel to the seating, while storage under the seats is a practical feature.

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Wardrobe and study

In any bedroom, where one needs a study table in addition to storage space, combining the wardrobe and the desk into a single unit is a smart way to bring synergy to the area. Depending on the requirement, convert one of the closets into a cabinet for storing books and other things that one needs to access from the desk. This design is the perfect option in a children’s room with limited space.

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Wardrobe wall

If the only place for the closet is at the side of the bed, resort to camouflaging it so that it looks like a wall. Use wood on the doors to make them resemble stylish cladding and place mirrors to reflect the area and make it seem bigger than it is. In a tiny room, using sliding doors with a mirror finish is an excellent alternative for amplifying the area.

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Wardrobe in a corner

Don’t neglect corners! They can be an excellent solution for installing a closet in a tiny bedroom that doesn’t have space anywhere else for storage. Placing a single wardrobe on each of the adjacent walls in the corner takes away the need for a significant length of the wall for the closets.

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Partition with a wardrobe

Usually, a wall separates the bedroom from a bathroom, but for making the room appear more spacious, a large closet can replace the partition wall, serving as a walk-in dressing area between the two spaces.

For functionality to meet stylishness when designing wardrobes, we recommend hiring a professional who can analyse the space, understand the requirements of the persons using the room and create the ideal solution based on the size of the room. They will also help with the selection of a suitable material and finish for the closet so that it blends with the overall décor style in the rest of the room.

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