How can I make multiple use of my living space?


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How can I make multiple use of my living space?

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When you live in a small house or apartment, space optimization is essential to make your home feel more comfortable and look less cluttered. Most modern houses have an open plan design that integrates the living room, dining room and, sometimes, the kitchen within a hall. Often, the dining area and kitchen are so small or narrow that one has no option but to turn the living room into a multi-use space. If you are wondering how the living space can be used for anything other than entertaining guests, read on. We present you with multi-use living room ideas that will guide you on how to optimize space utilization in the living area.

What spaces can I include in a multi-use living room?

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People living in modern houses and apartments no longer have the luxury of having a large living room that is used solely to entertain guests. The living room can double up as a family room or even a makeshift bedroom.

Nowadays, in most homes it’s quite common to have the television in the living room. This turns the living room into a cosy family area, when you don’t have visitors, as your family can bond over a movie or a favourite show. However, in multi-use living spaces that are small, it’s best to have the television mounted on the wall or in a sleek TV cabinet so that it doesn’t interfere with the passage space between the furniture.

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In a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, when you have extra guests sleeping over, picking multi-use living room furniture can help to convert the living space into a temporary bedroom at night by rearranging the modular sofas to make a bed.

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In a tiny apartment, where there is no separate room for a study or home office, and the bedroom is too small to fit a study table where you can work when you need to, a desk can be placed in a corner of the living room. When you need additional seating, the chair comes in handy. All you need to do is turn it around to face the living room seating.

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If the pooja space cannot be accommodated in any other part of your home, then you can include it in a corner of the living room. Install a partition to keep the area private and out of sight of your guests. Try to use the same colours as in your living room so that the two areas blend seamlessly.

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Can I create multiple zones within my living room?

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Using furniture, carpets or partitions to divide the room visually is among the popular small living room ideas that interior designers employ to save space in a tiny home. Depending upon your lifestyle, you can work with a professional to design zones within your living room. For example, you can create formal and informal seating within the space. This way, you can relax with a cup of tea and put your feet up in the casual area so that the formal zone looks perfect always, in case you have unexpected visitors.

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Another great idea is to include a full-fledged bar area within your small living room layout. This not only will provide easy access to the bar when you are offering drinks to your guests but also will serve as a stylish focal point in your living space.

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In a tiny apartment or a studio, when there is no space for a dining table, a counter can be built along the window or a wall in the living room. Besides providing you with a space to eat your meals, the stools can be used as extra seats when you have an unexpected overflow of guests.

How can space saver living room furniture help to make the most of my living room layout?

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One of the critical factors in designing small living rooms is to have space-saving furniture that provides functionality without restricting movement within the living room layout. Stackable furniture, pull-out sofas and pouffes with storage under the seat are popular ideas for optimizing space in small living room design.

You can also get a carpenter to build customized furniture that is perfect for the size of your room. For instance, instead of sofas, building diwan-like seating with cushions and storage with sliding doors underneath is an excellent solution for a narrow living room. Additionally, if you are looking for multi-use living room ideas to increase storage in your home, this type of furniture can be used for anything from shoes to books, without making the living room appear cluttered.

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An alternative to folding or stackable tables is a pull-apart space-saving table like this one. When the layout of the living room is such that the passage between the sofas is limited, you don’t want to get a large coffee table that cramps the space. In this design, the table is built in two pieces that join like a puzzle. The advantage of this design is that the two sections can be pulled apart, and each half drawn closer to the sofas, to present guests with a surface to place their snack plates, tea cups or glasses. At other times, they can be joined to make it easier to move around when cleaning the small space.

If you entertain a lot and are looking for space saver living room ideas to maximize the seating space in the room, then nothing works better than sectional sofas that can wrap around the walls to provide a cosy arrangement. The benefit of using sectional seating is that it can be moved around to create several layouts. However, instead of a heavy wooden coffee table, opt for a lighter table that is easy to lift whenever you need to rearrange the seats.

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In an open-plan layout, when you want to provide privacy in the living room, installing a display cabinet that doubles up as a divider helps to partition the area in addition to providing storage space. It can be used to store books that can be seen from the living room, while the section facing the dining room or kitchen can display your crockery collection to add beauty to the space.

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Another alternative is to install a shelf partition such as this one that divides the living room from the dining area but provides a stunning display for vases and other décor accessories.

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A wooden bench is an excellent choice for an open-plan layout. It can replace the dining chairs to provide additional seating at the table. Moreover, when you have guests, the bench can be pulled into the living area to provide extra seating. Depending upon your requirement, you can decide whether to get one or two benches for the dining table.

How can I create the perfect layout in my small living room?

Designing small spaces is not easy as you need to fit in all the required elements without making the room look cluttered. It’s best to work with a professional interior designer who has expertise in designing tiny spaces. Besides creating the layout that is ideal for the space, a professional can provide you with ideas on multi-use living room furniture to take care of your family’s needs.

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