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Handy tips to store your spices

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These days our food features flavours from all over the globe; from Malaysia to India, Brazil to Morocco, we often find our kitchens replete with a host of exotic spices. However, spice storage is the final frontier when it comes to organising a kitchen. Spices are left in their bags, small jars, and too often are left to expire without being thrown away. Auditing your spices is essential to ensure you get the most out of their flavour when cooking. When it comes to storage there are plenty of options. Magnetic containers, Mason jars, and even the traditional masala dabba are perfect and easy to implement options.  

Today on homify we are going to take a look at some fabulous spice tidying ideas and the benefits of each individual option. Whether you have a few simple spices or a full-blown collection there’s sure to be a solution to your storage woes. Read on for some kitchen organisation, as well as stylish spice storage inspiration.

Magnetic jars

These days there exists a plethora of different metallic jars for the kitchen. Generally however, it is the lid that sticks to a magnetic board that is affixed to the wall. Alternatively, some people choose to purchase a variety that will stick to the fridge, offering the ultimate in convenience. One downside to magnetic containers is that they are difficult to label, meaning you will want to know your spices well! Moreover, spices are best kept in the dark, and on the fridge they will most likely receive a lot of daylight.

Benefits: magnetic jars are easily accessible, sturdy, and look fabulous. Furthermore, they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, enhancing their flexibility and versatility. Inside the cupboard or out, they look interesting and unique, adding to the overall design of your cooking space.

Mason jars

Mason jars are one of the best ways to store your spices. Inexpensive, easy to stack, refill and purchase, these beautiful items are a kitchen’s best friend. Mason jars are also quite large which will allow you to purchase your spices in bulk, while also keeping them fresh and tasty. Make some labels for the lids to ensure you know what is contained within each jar, and avoid any culinary mishaps.

Benefits: Mason jars are stylish, vintage pieces that look great stored in a cupboard, a drawer, or alternatively left out on a shelf. These jars look fabulous filled with spices and can add an artistic edge to your kitchen.

Smart cupboard storage

Bespoke oak larder homify ห้องครัว

Bespoke oak larder


There are plenty of nooks and crannies in kitchens, so why not exploit these to organise your food? One oft-overlooked area is located behind the pantry door. This space is ideal for a spice rack, and can provide an easy to access a range of jars and containers. Shop around for a good rack, and ensure you measure your space accurately to safeguard against purchasing something too large that will hinder the movement of the door. If you are considering a bespoke piece of joinery such as the example above, chat to a professional to get the right design and style!

Benefits: you will ensure that an area of your cupboard that is normally disused, is employed to its full potential. Additionally, it offers you an easy way to view all of your spices.

Organised drawer storage

Drawer storage is by far one of the most popular ways to display and organise a large collection of spices. Drawers are hidden from the light, and tend to stay cooler as well, this means your spices will remain intact, delicious, and last longer. Additionally, drawers are at eye height meaning you won’t lose any jars or containers in the back of a cupboard, perfect for those shorter individuals who don’t want to be constantly combing the far reaches of a pantry space. Additionally, it is much more difficult for your drawer to become messy or chaotic. Drawers are easy to empty, wash and clean out; meaning spilled spices won’t affect your other cupboards.

Benefits: the benefits of a drawer are endless. Firstly, you can pull it open and enjoy a bird’s eye view of all of your spices and dried herbs. Secondly, your space is maximised to its full potential with every inch of drawer space offering an area for a jar or container. Drawer storage of spices is definitely one of the most efficient ways to store your goods.

Masala Dabba

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Spice Organisation

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Typically fabricated from stainless steel, but sometimes copper, masala dabba are traditional storage tins used throughout India. The container is basically two lids that fit together with one side holding small inner tins that hold the spice. There is a small spoon for scooping the colourful powders, and the entire item is always airtight to preserve the flavours. Generally the interior of a masala dabba houses 7 smaller tins, with an outer lid that creates the airtightness. The inner lid is kept on the tins to stop dust and dirt entering the spice. When choosing a masala dabba ensure you pick one with a tight lid, however, if the lid becomes inconvenient you can apply mineral oil to loosen it.  

Benefits: airtight and stylish, this traditional method of storing spices will look beautiful and authentic in your kitchen

How about a spice garden?

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Finally, we are taking a look at the benefits of a spice garden. The ultimate in freshness, a spice garden also looks wonderful in your garden. But what can you actually grow? And is it worth the effort? The easiest herbs and spices to grow at home include curry leaf, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano, sage, tarragon, fennel, mint, dill, cilantro, chives, and bay leaf. There are of course plenty more that are easy to grow, providing you with a beautifully lush garden and wholesome experience.  

Benefits: you are guaranteed the optimum level of freshness with garden spices, increasing the flavour and ensuring your kitchen is well-equipped for any meal or event. Additionally, you reap the benefits of having a gorgeously green and lush garden, which is perfect for decorating a balcony or compact outdoor terrace.

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