A beautiful mid-century apartment with Victorian interiors


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A beautiful mid-century apartment with Victorian interiors

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
  โดย Casarredo,
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Many millennials love mid-century French and Victorian architecture but don’t exactly know how to put the look together. It needs to give the good old mid-century vibe but have a modern feel to the decor as well. Let’s take a tour of this duplex apartment, which perfectly embodies your idea.

1. Guest bedroom

 ห้องนอน โดย Casarredo,

Everything from wallpapered walls to big mirrors and motifs on the bed are a perfect example of mid-century art. Since the bedroom is quite small, the interior designer has used bright wallpapers to reflect light and make the room look bigger.

2. Master bedroom

 ห้องนอน โดย Casarredo,

The tufted bed is a mix of mid-century art and modern luxury and go really well with the wallpaper in the background. On the other hand, the sitting near the window is very modern and sleek, which balances the motifs on the wall.

3. Sitting area

 งานศิลปะแต่งบ้าน โดย Casarredo,

Since it is an open living plan, the dining area and sitting area are closely placed. The interior designer has gone with a traditional look for the dining area but kept the sitting area very simple and modern, so that they balance each other out and doesn’t look overwhelming.

4. Living room

 ห้องนั่งเล่น โดย Casarredo,

The alternating glass pattern before the television unit is a beautiful modern art addition to the living room. The television unit is also very simple, which ensures calm and comfort.

​ 5. Outdoor dining area

 สวน โดย Casarredo,

It is very bright and modern, but has a slight retro touch. It gives extra sitting area for when you throw house parties. The interior designer chose to not go for dark colored dining chairs, because they would’ve camouflaged with the dark hardwood flooring and looked really off.

6. Inspired by the Renaissance

 ห้องนั่งเล่น โดย Casarredo,

All paintings and photo frames hung on the wall are inspired by mid-century and Renaissance art, which clearly shows that the homeowners are huge art lovers. 

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