15 Beautiful railings for your staircase


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15 Beautiful railings for your staircase

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
โดย CLM Arredamento โมเดิร์น
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We put a lot of effort in decorating our home. But often staircases are left looking dull and boring. It is mainly because of lack of creative ideas that people do not put that much time in designing the perfect stairs. In today's ideabook, we are going to introduce you to 15 beautiful railings that can add an excellent charm to your existing ladders. So go through the entire article to choose your favorite.

1. A basic

โดย homify โมเดิร์น ไม้จริง Multicolored

One of the most loved and simple types of railings that you can use for your stairs is this vertical string design. It allows you to achieve a strong structure without it being too heavy.

2. Glass plates

โดย Flynn Architect โมเดิร์น

In case you do not want to disturb the view by installing a traditional railing then you can opt for glass plates. They are easily available and can be customised according to the sizes you need.

3. Structure that rotates

Helical space saver stair โดย Bisca Staircases โมเดิร์น ไม้ Wood effect
Bisca Staircases

Helical space saver stair

Bisca Staircases

A fully covered spiral or rotating staircase is another way to create a secured structure. Here the designer has painted it white so that it blends easily with the rest of the area.

4. Playful and minimalist

โดย Chendù โมเดิร์น เหล็ก

To create a playful and minimalistic design you can opt for geometrical figures or even random lines. These railings are one of the most simplest out of all the options.

5. Elegance in glass

To add a touch of elegance to your glass railing try incorporating wood. Here the designer has incorporated a wooden bar on top of the railing so that it adds more sturdiness to the structure.

6. Steel

โดย homify โมเดิร์น ไม้ Wood effect

If you want to use a material which is light for creating your staircase railings then try considering steel. It also provides an industrial flair to the house.

7. Traditional wood

โดย CLM Arredamento โมเดิร์น

For traditional or classic looks you can use wooden railings within the home. Multiple carved wooden pieces are usually put together to create a grand looking railing as seen in this picture.

8. Perfection in steel

โดย W-HOUSE โมเดิร์น ไม้จริง Multicolored

In case you want to use steel for creating your staircase railing but do not want it to look like an industrial element then try painting them in a darker colour. Here the black colour of the railing adds a certain warmth to the space.

9. Black ironwork

โดย W-HOUSE คลาสสิค ไม้จริง Multicolored

A delicate railing design which has been used for decades is of black ironwork. It is very easy to incorporate customised designs in such structures which is why it is the most loved.

10. One complete piece

In case you have kids in your home then a similar looking complete piece of railing is ideal. It does not have any gaps in between which makes it perfect for any room.

11. Height game

โดย Kata Design อินดัสเตรียล อิฐหรือดินเผา

A similar sleek looking railing can also be used in case you do not have enough space within the room. Apart from this it also does not interfere with the decor of the area.

12. Pure glass

Sandstone Staircase for Pool House and Gym Area โดย Bisca Staircases เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน หิน
Bisca Staircases

Sandstone Staircase for Pool House and Gym Area

Bisca Staircases

Creating a pure glass railing is also worth a shot specially if you want to create an area which looks like one big room without any walls.

13. Metallic and simple

โดย 틔움건축 โมเดิร์น

Here the designer has used a simple metal railing so that it does not stand out like a sore thumb.

14. A black metal fence

Staircase for Elizabethan timber framed property โดย Bisca Staircases ชนบทฝรั่ง ไม้ Wood effect
Bisca Staircases

Staircase for Elizabethan timber framed property

Bisca Staircases

A black metal fence like this can help you achieve a rustic look within your home. Also they are way more stable and rigid when compared to other types of railings.

15. A classic staircase

Classic Helical Timber Staircase โดย Bisca Staircases คลาสสิค ไม้ Wood effect
Bisca Staircases

Classic Helical Timber Staircase

Bisca Staircases

This railing has been created by using a combination of glass, wood, and steel. It is one of the most classic forms of staircases that is used within bungalows to add a grand touch.

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