What kind of interior style is right for you?


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What kind of interior style is right for you?

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There is a world of possibilities when it comes to styling up our homes, whether it’s the kitchen, hallway, terrace, bathroom, garden, etc. What broadens our scope is the fact that there are so many design styles to pick from, which goes a long way in differentiating, say, one kitchen from another. This, of course, is based on numerous factors, of which personal taste plays a big part.

So, to learn the basics of the most popular interior styles (and perhaps find out which one is perfect for you), let’s delve into these 9 prime choices…

1. Industrial

Think raw surfaces, exposed brick walls, lead piping and wooden floors. A fair amount of textiles is also available (you don’t want to relax on hard and uncomfortable surfaces, after all), but be sure to include a fair amount of brown leather.

Industrial-style colours tend to be of the earthy, darker kind. And “open-plan layout” is the name of the game!

2. Scandinavian

If you know IKEA, then you know the Nordic style. Slim and simple furniture pieces; lots of light-toned wood; soft and neutral colours; and fabrics are usually patterned and display a vibrant hue or two.

From far away it might look a bit cold and impersonal, yet it’s totally warm, friendly and stylish!

3. Country

Country-style decoration reflects the natural beauty of rural areas, then mix in a fair amount of warmth and friendliness via rich textures, hot tones and cushy surfaces.

Think old-school interior design, yet don’t be confused and feel that all country-style homes need to look outdated.

4. Minimalist

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Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

“Less is more” is what the minimalist style represents, which means here is where you opt for the basic pieces, appliances and elements, and then include only a handful of decorations. 

The emphasis is on open spaces instead of objects. But like the Scandinavian designs, a fair amount of cheeriness and style is also included.

5. Modern

โดย Bilgece Tasarım โมเดิร์น

This is the style that dominates interior design today, as sharp lines, clean surfaces, neutral/earthy tones and a commitment to a clean layout are considered trendy. 

Stay far away from overly decorated surfaces and keep your use of textures to a minimum.

6. Tropical

This is the style that lets you get close to nature and bring it inside via botanical prints, fresh-green plants and flowers, and lots of natural colours (green, yellow, red, blue) scattered about your home.

Materials are natural, like wood and stone, and don’t be surprised to find a few elements that represent the animal kingdom, like scatter cushions with colourful parrots.

7. Rustic

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Solid wood surfaces, natural stone floors, brick walls – yes, it’s the industrial style again, but this time we cancel the exposed wiring and instead focus on creating a warmer-looking (instead of sleeker) environment. 

Think ‘cosy’ meets ‘charming’ with lots of natural touches mixed in.

8. Classical

โดย homify คลาสสิค

Focus on sophistication via dark wood (with ornate carvings), plush sofas and cushions, elegant fabrics, and natural colours and material. Furniture is usually arranged around a focal spot, like a fireplace.

9. Mediterranean

โดย Evinin Ustası คันทรี่

Where the tropical style has lots of greenery and plants, Mediterranean focuses on a more nautical approach. Think of seashells, ocean blues, soft browns and beiges representing the beach, etc. Patterned tiles are also a must. 

And always bring in lots of natural light.

Gather around, as we’re about to share with you the Best ever interior design advice.

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