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Color Psychology: how to decorate your home for the mood that you want

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You might have heard of colors being able to have a distinctive effect on your mood and some interior designers have been using this notion to dictate how they decorate different rooms in the houses of their clients. Naturally, we all know about red being great for passion and white offering clarity of mind, but if you are hoping to inject a romantic, calm or happy vibe into your living spaces, you really need to read on, as we reveal the hues you need to embrace! Color therapy really is taking off right now, so come with us and discover how to use it in your home!

1. Blue for calm.

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If you want to instil a sense of calm and good health, any shade of blue is absolute perfection. From azure through to sky blue, there is such a sense of being awash with peace when immersed in this wonderful color and we think it works wonders in every single room.

2. Green for concentration.

Soft greens are incredible, when you want to increase focus and concentration, which is why they are so right for a home office! Our personal favorite hue is a natural sage green, which refreshes the mind and offers neutral zen vibe that increases concentration. Divine!

3. Yellow for positivity.

The Yellow Room ROEWUarchitecture ห้องน้ำ ไม้ผสมพลาสติก Yellow

The Yellow Room


Just as we all feel a little more upbeat when the sun is shining, a yellow room will always inspire a feeling of positivity, so why not consider it for space that is normally just perfunctory or boring? What could be better than a zingy yellow bathroom, after all?

4. Peach for romance.

Loaf's NEW vintage velvet fabric range Loaf ในครัวเรือนของตกแต่งและอุปกรณ์จิปาถะ

Loaf's NEW vintage velvet fabric range


You may have thought that romance would need a touch of pink here and there but in actual fact, peach tones have been shown to inspire more ardour! We love the idea of making a snugly piece of furniture each, to really inspire some hugs and kisses at the end of a long work day!

5. Purple for self-confidence.

'Purple' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto homify ห้องนอนเด็กเตียงเด็กและเปลเด็ก

'Purple' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto


There' a reason why the color purple is so often linked to royalty and all things regal and that's because it is a striking hue that really amplifies self-confidence and a sense of presence! If you need a little more faith in yourself, we suggest adding some piquant purple to your bedroom, so that you wake up ready to tackle the day, every morning!

6. Neutrals for harmony.

Rubleva Design ห้องนั่งเล่น

We all know that a family home can be a space rife with drama and arguments, so if you are hoping to inject a little more peace and harmony, neutral colors are definitely the best way to go! Soft, warm neutrals are always a great plan, so start looking at pale grays and biscuit tones!

7. Pink for happiness.

Flopster sofa Loaf ห้องนั่งเล่นโซฟาและเก้าอี้นวม สิ่งทอ Pink

Flopster sofa


We know you have been wondering where pink comes into things and here it is! Yes, it's true that pink actually makes you feel happier, which is why it is SO important that you include some in your home, somewhere! It's not just a color for girls, so get that idea out of your head, while thinking about which pieces of furniture, walls or textiles could look great with a rosy glow.

For more color inspiration, take a look at this article: Cool color blocking ideas for your home.

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