12 building materials that are cheap and perfect for small homes


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12 building materials that are cheap and perfect for small homes

Lexi Hughes Lexi Hughes
CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 โดย ÁBATON Arquitectura คันทรี่
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Have you ever considered building a home from scratch? 

While it may sound crazy (trust us, we've been there) building your own home can be possible and cost effective if done right. Especially if you use alternative or cheap building materials that won't compromise the structure or style of your home. 

Need more convincing? We found 12 small-scale homes that were created by using low cost building materials. Let's take a look at these gorgeous homes and get some inspiration! 

1. Prefabricated materials

The Edge โดย Boutique Modern Ltd โมเดิร์น

We can all agree that prefabricated homes are one of the greatest architectural evolutions ever made. They are made off-site and simply constructed on your desired plot of land: simple, fast, and relatively cheap.

These houses can also be constructed using lots of different materials – making it easier to find the right style for you!

2. Concrete sheets

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 โดย ÁBATON Arquitectura คันทรี่
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

Concrete homes give us all the modern vibes! This home was constructed using concrete sheets which are both affordable and sturdy, and blend into almost any environment. We want one!

3. Stone cladding

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น

This home is light, beautiful, and uses stone cladding which is so much easier to work with than regular stone. While it's not the cheapest material, it will make your home look more expensive for far less labour!

4. Recycled shipping containers

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

Container homes are on trend and a popular option when it comes to creative and small-scale housing. And best of all, while they may be cheap building options, they come in a range of different containers and can be picked up for very cost-effective prices.

5. Reclaimed timber

โดย DMP arquitectura โมเดิร์น

Look at this! This wood home is very eye-catching and looks far more expensive than it actually is.

6. Corrugated metal

Wow! This home is stunning and the cheap materials used were corrugated metal!

7. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of our favourite natural materials because it is so easy to use, has been helping to build homes for who-knows-how long, and is definitely good enough for today’s modern times.

8. Industrial iron

The Edge โดย Boutique Modern Ltd โมเดิร์น

We love this contemporary home which uses RSJ iron girders to create a steadfast frame that looks both sturdy and striking.

9. Traditional red brick

This is a through back to colonial times with a twist. When it comes to this fantastically textured beauty, there’s really no doubt that it still continues to be a reliable (and pocket-friendly) building material.

10. Straw material

โดย homify คันทรี่

Bring the tropical look to your home with straw material! This sturdy and low cost building material has been used for ages, and works great keeping out water and preventing mold. 

11. Natural stone

โดย Atelier Nero เอเชียน

How about building a stone home from scratch? Using natural stone means you’re only paying for the excavation work – terrific value for your money!

12. Fresh concrete

Here's another example of how concrete can be a great option for cheap building materials that is both sturdy and appealing. It's no wonder why concrete is the number one choice for various architects and home builders worldwide. 

We have more concrete homes to spark inspiration! Take a look at these: 33 uniquely stylish ways to use concrete in your home.

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น