7 ideas for wall cladding in your bathroom


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7 ideas for wall cladding in your bathroom

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The walls of your  bathroom can tell a lot about your taste. Remember that it is in the bathroom that your visitors will have more time alone and with more privacy. If others' opinions do not matter to you, just remember that the bathroom is used by you every day-and it makes perfect sense to feel good inside it, right? So create what you have always dreamed of for this space!

Wood combined with tile

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We love this idea as it gives a rustic look to your bathroom while maintaining the tradition with the typical ceramic coating. You can choose to use the latter in zones with more contact with water, such as the wall of the washbasin or the shower area.

Small tiles with relief

We love this idea because it makes a beige bathroom very lively and unlike anything we are used to. However, for some people, this feeling of movement in the tiles may be dizzying. If that's the case, choose to coat only one wall with this material.

Smooth stone

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Stone is a material that seldom disappoints and makes your bathroom more resistant to moisture. It is also easy to clean, so it gives a beautiful clean look to any space, even if it is in lighter shades.

Subway tiles

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The metropolitan tiles give the space an urban and industrial air, but without ever depriving the beauty and harmony with all the other elements. The fact that they are white helps to make it easy to mix with the rest of the décor, as well as the other elements in the bathroom.

Gold Ceramics

โดย Aprifer คลาสสิค

Have a classy and super sophisticated bathroom with gold tiles. Sounds weird? Don't worry: admire this fantastic bathroom and risk your decor! With this coating any space will look brighter and more sophisticated!

An ultra-realistic mosaic

Richmond Full House Refurbishment โดย A1 Lofts and Extensions โมเดิร์น
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Try something completely different and make your bathroom stand out from all the others! What about a realistic mosaic on one of the walls? You can do it with pebble mosaic and anywhere actually! 

Refreshing wallpaper

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The wallpaper is no longer for the exclusive use of the bedroom or living room. Nowadays, you already have a lot of options to use in the bathroom, so it's good to start pondering this choice so you do not fall into the usual solutions! With drawings, simple, with patterns or with phrases, just do a brief search and you'll find the ideal wallpaper for you! 

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