12 charmingly small garden lounge ideas


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12 charmingly small garden lounge ideas

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
ทันสมัย  โดย les fleurs du bien, โมเดิร์น
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We all need to take some time to stop and smell the roses. Creating a cozy outdoor space that feels homey and relaxing is the ultimate escape. Being close to nature exudes a sense of peace that no modern technology could outdo. Having a garden lounge will let you enjoy the fresh air, bask in the beauty of nature, and even enjoy being in the company of family and friends. So come on out and we'll show you these 12 stunning garden lounges that will inspire you to reinvent your outdoor space.

11. Warm and quaint

 สวน โดย Fenton Roberts Garden Design, โมเดิร์น
Fenton Roberts Garden Design

Marylebone Courtyard

Fenton Roberts Garden Design

Along this outdoor deck there are flowering plants nestled in different sized wooden planters. A simple lattice for crawling vines. A beautiful bonsai plant in between two bench crates and a simple grey dining set. This design truly optimises the space, making it feel quaint and cozy.

1. Wooden deck

 สวน โดย Constans Paysage, มินิมัล

This deck made of wood slat plates are available in virtually any depot there is. It's practical, easy to install and is easily adjustable. It's the perfect must-have for homes with manicured lawns! It's sturdy, durable and is available in different colour tones that could easily match the style of your house. Adding in a sunny apple-green beach set creates a very inviting and relaxing space.

2. Courtyard

And here is a courtyard with wooden flooring, stone-line planters, a few potted plants, and some cement steps that leads to the garden. There is an outdoor chess set, a lounge chair and a small accent shade that makes the space truly welcoming and close to natural.

3. A rooftop oasis

A cozy nook in between buildings can be just your small haven of greenery. Here, you'll see lush potted plants and a vertical garden along the rustic wood panelled wall. The metal garden set is also perfect for the outdoors for its warm tones and its durability against the natural elements. Being sandwiched by buildings also provide more shade for your small patch of outdoor haven.

4. An tropical escape

 สวน โดย Taffin, ทรอปิคอล

This urban jungle-esque space was filled with ferns and palms along a dark grey stone tiled flooring. The furnitures make it possible to create a dining area and cozy corner for relaxation very practical and pleasant for reading a book or while taking naps.

5. Modern appeal

Just outside this modern home with large glass doors is a small outdoor space with a few plants, and a lounge set nested at the center. The striking red colour of the cushion blends well with the theme of the home.

6. Treetop hideout

 สวน โดย Cabaneo, ผสมผสาน

Ever child has dreamed of owning a treehouse, but now that you can have your own home, then why not make one of those dreams a reality, here is design of a terrace on top of a tree. A naturally shaded area that you could relax and get lost for a few moments.

7. The secret garden

 สวน โดย Melian Randolph, โมเดิร์น

Why not create a space that feels just like your very own secret garden. A place of contemplation and beauty. Here, you'll find a charming space with elegant mosaic pebbled flooring, a white wrought iron bench, topiaries, and wall vines that cover the whole expanse of the walls.

8. PVC plastic deck vs. wood-plastic composite decks

 สวน โดย Taffin, ทรอปิคอล

The use of PVC plastic decks provide great durability as opposed to wood which could get rotten away by constant rain showers. An alternative could also be the use of wood-plastic composite decks that has a more natural wood look that is as durable.

9. Savannah style

ทันสมัย  โดย Myd-Zign, โมเดิร์น

This lakeside outdoor space has that warm comfort that is commonly found in the Savannah. Comfortable wicker armchairs, a wooden deck in lush greeneries, and an atmosphere perfect for conviviality and reverie.

10. Striking colours

 สวน โดย Gullaksen Architects, เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

This ultra-feminine neon pink lounge area provides a distinct design statement that is bright and cheerful. An eye-catching and energetic space that is sure to drive a lot of fun interesting conversations.

12. A charming pergola lounge area

To finish, here is a very nice wooden deck lounge area cradled inside a pergola with fibreglass roofing. The result is a cozy outdoor space that is sheltered from the elements and resembles a small cocoon where you can enjoy the fresh air comfortably in a large wicker armchair with elegant cushions and purple pillows. The colours of the flowers create a whimsical atmosphere that matches the overall appeal.

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 บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย โดย Casas inHAUS, โมเดิร์น