7 easy ways to save money in the kitchen


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7 easy ways to save money in the kitchen

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Unlike spa treatments or exclusive wines, food is not a luxury that we can completely cut out. Sure, you can stop eating at restaurants every other week if you need to stretch your rands, but you’ll still need to buy food and cook at home.

However, there are a few ways in which your groceries and kitchen can help you save your hard-earned money to ensure that ‘the heart of the home’ doesn’t become a drain on your income…

1. Skip the fancy shmancy appliances

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Eco German Kitchens

Do you really need a popcorn maker? And how many times do you think you’re going to use that cake pop maker? 

Rather save the counter- and cabinet space for the necessities (a coffee maker is vital, in our opinion) to give your sanity and wallet a break.

2. Match the pan to the burner size

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Using a small pan on a bigger burner does not mean your food will heat up faster – it only means you’re wasting additional use of energy. And doing this on a gas stove is actually a safety hazard. 

Match big with big and small with small.

3. Use up the leftovers

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Veggies or chocolate cake – which leftover will be gobbled up faster? 

Throwing out leftovers is like throwing away money. Rather have a “restaurant night” at your home where everyone eats a different leftover.

​4. Keep your lid on

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deVOL Kitchens

It is true that cooking with the lid on is not appropriate for all types of dishes, but when it is, be sure to use it. A tight-fitting lid keeps the heat in, which means that you can cook at a lower temperature, and faster, too.

5. Skip the paper towels

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Zoe Attwell

Tea Towels

Zoe Attwell

How many of us buy (and buy and buy some more… ) paper towels for the kitchen? Rather opt for reusable cloths made from re-purposed old clothes or material. 

Keep them in a pretty bag or container in your kitchen and just toss them in the wash along with your laundry.

6. Keep your freezer full

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Perfect Stays

A half-empty freezer uses more electricity to keep it cold. Fill up that empty space with either required products or plastic bottles of water.

This philosophy also applies to the fridge and the dishwasher, which is best used when full.

7. Go meatless

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Have a “meat-free meal” in your house by trying out a bean, quinoa or other vegetarian dish once or twice a week. Meat is one of the biggest expenses on any grocery list; thus, cutting back on your meat consumption means reducing your grocery bill considerably while enjoying the health benefits of fibrous, anti-oxidant rich foods. 

Let’s see how to go about Cleaning Your Kitchen Equipment.

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