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A Flawlessly Finished Home with a Raw Edge

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Raw House โดย Mustard Architects อินดัสเตรียล
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Making star features out of exposed block work walls, extensive glazing and industrial nuances, this fabulous family home is one that is just that little bit different.

’By extending and reconfiguring the plan, a sustainable, minimal and light filled family home was created with an open plan kitchen, dining and living areas that open directly to the outside via frameless triple glazed windows and a large glazed sliding door. We inserted views through the  house from the front door to increase the sense of space and connection with the garden. Industrial materials were exposed, utilised and celebrated such as black MDF for the kitchen, concrete blocks for the exposed blockwork walls and power floated white concrete for the floor, which also helped to reduce construction costs.’

With a brief in place to utilise industrial styling, there is no doubting the design team's commitment to this project, but such details were not achieved at the detriment of more eco concerns. With Passive Input Ventilation in place, as well as extra insulation in the floors, walls and roof and triple glazed windows, this is an energy efficient home that will enjoy significant reductions in heating costs over the years, while making  a positive contribution to the environment.

Let's take a look at this lovely build!

Lovely contrasts

Rear Elelvation โดย Mustard Architects อินดัสเตรียล
Mustard Architects

Rear Elelvation

Mustard Architects

We just love this external view, as the mottled brickwork has happily accepted the black framed glazing with ease, making the exterior feel like a stylish conversion of an old industrial building. We don't know what it is, but there is something tangibly factory-like about those windows and with the traditional painted strip of render at the bottom of the wall, the overall first impression is striking and authoritative.

Mustard Architects have managed to walk the line between stylish and stark perfectly to create an exterior that alludes to the promise within and we can't wait to see more. Can you?

From dark to light

Kitchen Diner โดย Mustard Architects อินดัสเตรียล
Mustard Architects

Kitchen Diner

Mustard Architects

From one extreme to another, as you walk into this super extension, you are met by a great passageway of bright white bricks and a clear roof. Literally filling the room with an influx of dazzling sunlight, this lovely walkway leads all the way through the house to the front door, making the new extension really tie in with the existing structure in one fluid motion.

It's interesting to see that to the left of this picture, more dark accents have been included and we feel sure that they add a dimension of contrast that works with the window panes perfectly.

That industrial vibe

Kitchen Diner โดย Mustard Architects อินดัสเตรียล
Mustard Architects

Kitchen Diner

Mustard Architects

Not ones to brag when we are right, but we feel pretty pleased that we correctly guessed that the dark detailing in the kitchen would be the perfect method for tying the dark window panes in with the rest of the room! The constant juxtaposing of bright white and moody dark tones is almost dizzying, but the overall effect is one of undeniably industrial influence.

We love the pendulum lamps that hang above the countertop as they remind us of professional kitchen lights and, with large, brushed steel appliances in situ, this room is definitely giving a more industrial than homely impression.

Head on

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย Mustard Architects, อินดัสเตรียล

Looking at the kitchen cabinets head on, we can finally get a handle on what colour they actually are. This deep, rich and mottled purple/red is really eye-catching and prevents the space retaining too much of an industrial vibe.

This is a stylish choice, designed to bring depth and warmth into a living space. While the exposed walls and ducting might still have a raw feel to them, we now see that this is an elegant and highly stylised home.

Against the white, we think this unique colour and texture really pops!

Adjoining spaces

Living Room โดย Mustard Architects คลาสสิค

With raw finishes, stylised colours and effects and enormous amounts of natural light all playing major roles in the creation of an open plan kitchen/diner, with a very modern edge to it, we wanted to know how the existing house managed to connect. Thankfully, it's with ease.

It's as simple as using different flooring finishes, but this one marker that denotes where the living room ends and the kitchen begins perfectly accounts for the change in atmosphere and décor style. How wonderfully simple!

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