​The Folding House in Balham will steal your heart


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​The Folding House in Balham will steal your heart

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 ห้องครัว โดย Thomas & Spiers Architects, โมเดิร์น
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Our newest source of inspiration (also known as homify 360°) comes to us from the portfolio of London team Thomas & Spiers Architects, who were in charge of conjuring up a rear extension for a Balham townhouse.

And just what did we discover inside the new extension? A kitchen, dining- and seating areas, with a focus on efficient space, natural light and family living. Of course the fact that these areas get to bathe in an abundance of natural lighting, as well as enjoy fresh garden views each and every day, just serve to enhance this project so much more.

The asymmetric glazed façade

 ห้องครัว โดย Thomas & Spiers Architects, โมเดิร์น อลูมิเนียมและสังกะสี
Thomas & Spiers Architects

Asymmetric glazed facade

Thomas & Spiers Architects

Quite the super modern (almost futuristic) look that the extension flaunts, right? The new add-on’s glazed surfaces contrast rather pleasantly with the existing house’s brick-clad style. Slim-line sliding doors and powder-coated aluminium fascias add to the modern design and metal-hued colour palette.

A light and open space

 ห้องครัว โดย Thomas & Spiers Architects, โมเดิร์น
Thomas & Spiers Architects

Light, open kitchen & dining

Thomas & Spiers Architects

Thanks to the generous amounts of glazing (which can also be found in the skylight above the dining table), these new interiors are light years away from being labelled ‘dull’ or ‘gloomy’.

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The kitchen details

 ห้องครัว โดย Thomas & Spiers Architects, โมเดิร์น

To make the most use of the incoming light, the kitchen flaunts a flawlessly white colour palette – however, ‘clinical’ is definitely not a word welcome here, as enough textures, patterns and contrasting colours make their appearance, especially with that brick backdrop, stainless steel fixtures and potted plants.

Stunning seating

What good would a sublime new space like this be without the opportunity to relax in it? That’s where this bespoke joinery comes in, to form both an internal and external bench floating in front of a fixed glass pane – perfect for a little reading nook, or to display a few décor pieces.

More light

 ห้องครัว โดย Thomas & Spiers Architects, โมเดิร์น

Speaking of reading, a decent little book corner is located a few feet behind the kitchen, which is also lit up superbly by bespoke skylights. That officially makes this design a space brimming with multiple uses and possibilities, not to mention heaps of inspiring ideas.  

Who says you need lots of space to enjoy lots of style?

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