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15 great storage ideas – you’ll love them!

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15 small but useful storage spaces!

As the family grows, both in numbers as well as in age, our needs increase and space becomes insufficient, especially when storage is not given importance in the initial stages of designing a home. A time will come when we have nowhere to store the linen for the many beds at home! Winter wear in summer or summer clothes in winter, pots and pans that we use only during the holiday season, or accessories we wear when dressing up for special occasions – they all need to be stored.

Worst of all is that suddenly we find that all these things have accumulated near the bed, on the kitchen counter, or are cluttering the desk and the space along the stairs. What can be done?

With the expert eye of a professional, we can find little corners that can be used to store all this and more. By making some adjustments, we can use the empty space under the stairs, the sofa or the bed, behind the mirror, in a niche in the hall, in the wasted corners of the kitchen, and even some places you may never think of. To help you get started, we present some ideas.

​1. Bedroom and dressing room

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You can place the bed so that there is a free space on one side, and build a wall to partition the area around the bed. On the reverse side of the wall, install cabinets that wrap around the adjoining walls.  You will now have your own dressing room in the bedroom, without having to build another room.

2. Organizers behind the door

For your  kitchen, you can install spice racks and shelves on the inner side of doors of cupboards and cabinets to keep everything close at hand, organized and at the same time hidden from view. Make the most of the interior space of your cabinets.

​3. Under the couch

To keep your room looking organized and well-kept, items such as cushions and decorative accessories that you only use for Christmas or blankets for guests who sleep over can be stored in drawers underneath the sofa or couch. You can do it yourself or hire a trusted carpenter. Adjust the sizes according to the existing space, and fix wheels that allow them to slide out easily.

4. Drawers under the stairs

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It is common to have closets installed under the stairs to hang garments or to leave the space for shelves. However, another idea for using this space is installing drawers with a structure that is strong as well as functional, so they slide out easily. The drawers can occupy just a section, so the rest of the space is available to hang garments or to arrange a sofa and a small table.

5. Surrounding the door

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At the entrance of any room, there is empty and useless space that we never notice – around the door frame. As this area is not used frequently, you can put it to use by installing modular organizers to place books, stationery, decorative accessories, records, electronics and any other item. Ensure that it is not be very wide. Something narrow and delicate is ideal.

6. Vertical

In small spaces, it is ideal to take advantage of the height. A good option for this is to place book shelves in the bathroom or the store room, over the washing machine or the toilet, to store detergents, boxes with linen, washed clothes or anything else that needs to be organized.

7. Surprise shelves under the stairs

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If you are going to place shelves, drawers or cupboards for hanging clothes under the stairs, take advantage of the space to add a chic and modern touch by installing doors – acrylic in bright colors, polished wood or glass. It’s a detail that will completely change the appearance of your space, while it remains practical.

8. Multimedia center

Another way to take advantage of the area under the stairs is to install a multimedia center with a television, stereo sound, video games and everything related to electronics that can be enjoyed by the family together or by each member separately. You can supplement its use with some extra shelves to place books, disks or vases, so they all play a part in the décor.

9. Leveraging corners

We usually ignore the corners in our house, despite them having so much potential. Let's stop! Take advantage of the corner of your rooms. Install shelves on several levels, but do not restrict them to a single wall. Let them turn to cover at least two walls. The effect will be impressive, give an infinite sense to the area and provide additional space to store books, records, decoration and a thousand other things.

10. Take advantage of every slope

If you have an attic or the roof structure of your house is tilted, you can use this feature to your advantage. Install a customized bookshelf, dresser, desk or multimedia center, and you will get shelves of varied sizes and places ideal for storing other things such as newspapers, music system, charging cables for your electronic devices, computers, etc.

11. Cabinets in the walls

Imagine! How could you not have thought of this option?! It's amazing, right? Take advantage of the walls to make storage niches. Of course, it should be a dividing wall so that it does not have to bear a load, or you can use the hollow, central spaces of a load-bearing wall that has railings, enclosures and columns to bear the weight of the structure. Take advantage of the walls by installing doors, and inside them, place shelves to keep small and slim items. It won’t hurt to have this extra space!

12. Behind the mirror

If you have a full-length mirror in your dressing room, bedroom or living room, take advantage of its size and place a small closet behind it. If the walls of your house are made of light material, create a niche inside the wall, coat it with wood and place shelves and hooks to hang up stuff. Cover it with mirrors. Keep shoes, accessories like belts, bracelets, necklaces, nail varnish, makeup, jewelry and anything else you want to store.

13. Thousands of drawers

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There’s no rule that a closet should only have large drawers and hanging areas. You can take advantage of a narrow column to install drawers of many sizes, even small ones, to organize your things better. In one of them, you can put makeup, in another your belts, in another the handkerchiefs, in another the bracelets, in another the creams and lotions… and so on.

14. Leveraging the smallest gap

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Everything should serve a purpose and be functional. If there is a 15-centimeter wide niche somewhere in the study, closet or kitchen, do not waste it! Place small shelves and use them to store cookbooks, records, coins saved by the kids, cooking utensils, everyday dishes, keys, sunglasses and glasses. It will be a very useful space!

15. Use it as decoration

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If you are already on the task of creating niches on the walls to store things, take advantage and make them look good, by combining them into the decoration of the room. Add a light, place a night lamp, make angled shelves, varied slopes, daring shapes, or use any other idea to make the storage a cute, decorative detail.

For some clever ideas on storage for homes, see this ideabook.

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