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An old South African home becomes modern haven

Leigh Leigh
Carne Interiors
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There is nothing more satisfying than watching an old-fashioned and boring home evolve into a modern and trendy design.

This is exactly what we are going to witness today! We are going to travel to the local town of Knysna and witness how designers Carne Interiors have turned a drab little apartment into a trendy and contemporary haven.

As we explore these before and after photographs, we will pick up some tips and tricks for our own home. You'll be inspired to breathe new life into your interior design!

Shall we take a look?

Before: Old-fashioned

While this home is quaint and pretty, it features a very boring and old-fashioned design. The living rooms chairs look like they have come out of the 1970's with its outdated patterns and light wood.

The dining room furniture and the kitchen cabinets and counters are very washed out and plain. There is nothing edgy, modern or savvy about this interior space. 

Yet we can see how the open plan design leaves room for all sorts of potential!

Before: The dull bedroom

The bedroom also features light wooden furniture that is very old-fashioned. 

The linen and curtains are also pale and boring, doing nothing to create a room that is full of personality and charm. Natural light flows in through the large glass windows and doors, but it isn't being adequately utilised.

Before: The spare bedroom

The spare bedroom is even worse! It features dark green, red and pink tones. These do not work together in harmony! They clash, making for a bit of an eyesore.

This is not a room that you'd feel relaxed and peaceful in.

Before: Cramped and crowded

From this angle, we can see how the home owners move the terrace furniture into the living space when they aren't using it. This makes for a very cramped and messy space! 

There are also too many little tables and chairs, littering this living area with too many details and designs.

It's in need of a breath of fresh air!

Before: Boring bathroom

The bathroom is clean and hygienic, but it is very boring, simple and small. Your bathroom is meant to make you feel serene and calm, but this one does everything but. It's functional, but that's where it ends!

After: A whole new environment

Can you even believe that this is the same home?

It is modern, refreshing and stylish!

The living room features contemporary and cushy sofas as well as a cosy rug. The designers have added beautiful and lavish touches to the environment including pieces of edgy artwork, vases of flowers and an elaborate chandelier.

We can also see how the designers have removed the kitchen bar, creating a living area that is completely open plan. The dining room now fits snugly in the kitchen.

After: Sleek kitchen environment

If we look at the kitchen a little more closely, we can see how the cabinets and counters have been replaced with modern and sleek white cabinets. 

The storage has also been enhanced, ensuring that cutlery, crockery and utensils can be stored neatly out of sight. This makes for a very functional and savvy kitchen.

The dining room table and chairs are a darker wood, which is more warm tone. This brings a modern touch to the kitchen.

After: The lavish bedroom

Now this is a bedroom you want to spend some time in!

The bedroom features earthy colours and tones that work in harmony with one another. The cushions, headboard and blanket make for a very warm and cosy environment. 

Do you see how little lamps and the overhead light creates a beautiful ambiance in this space?

After: Royal blue

This bedroom still uses darker colours, but they are far more co-ordinated. The white, blue and silver are elegant and sophisticated.

Attention to detail is key in bedroom, injecting it with personality and comfort.

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After: A little touch of something extra

The bathroom is the same structurally, but the designers have added a beautifully framed mirror to the space. This makes the little bathroom seem bigger while adding a touch of elegance to the environment. 

Some creams and soaps have also been added to the room as well as a little pot plant. This gives this room a few added extras, which make it feel very homely and luxurious.

Your bathroom should feel like a hotel bathroom every time you step inside!

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