10 rustic dream homes you'd want to live in


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10 rustic dream homes you'd want to live in

Dayan Buensuceso – homify Dayan Buensuceso – homify
โดย reitsema & partners architecten bna คันทรี่
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Does Disney or do fairy tales, in general, occupy a sweet, comfortable zone in your heart? Do you fancy those charming fairy tale houses featured as the narrator begins his or her 'once upon a time… ' line? Well, homify might just bring your wishful thoughts into reality with these equally dreamy houses. Check out which one tickles your fancy and might potentially be your actual residence later on.

1. Florals and wood

Straight out of the woods, here's a polished lumber or wooden home decorated with cheery flowers.

2. Wrought iron wonders

โดย AGRAFFE design คลาสสิค

Wrought iron in black with fancy curlicues is a go-to detail which you can use for your railings and gates. The ceramic flooring on the photo above is also a lovely complement.

3. Stone walls

Channel Hansel and Gretel's bread house with eye-popping colors against stone walls like this house's exterior elements.

4. Stone houses

If you want to go a bit further with stone and happen to be living in a colder area, an all-stone exterior is your best option. The one here plays up on the material by using texture, shape and color to enhance the look.

5. Asian charm

ทันสมัย  โดย monica khanna designs, โมเดิร์น
monica khanna designs

Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi

monica khanna designs

From Western-conceived tales, let's fly back to our Asian community where oriental houses are just as dreamy as the Western ones with its neat lines and elaborate details.

6. Classic

โดย miacasa คันทรี่

Here's one that conveys Little Red's Grandma's home in the forest sans the bad wolf. It's simple, charming and classy at the same time in terms of design, color palette, and general vibe!

7. Roof bait

It doesn't have to be an entire house that you should design to mimic fairy tales. You can focus on one aspect like the roof here which interestingly catches our attention with its red shades and ceramic tiles plus higher pitch.

8. Medieval

Thinking about those live-action fairy tales with medieval settings? Capture the era and drama with a straw roof and stone or brick surfaces. They updated and styled this house through the window designs.

9. Cottage warmth

Small Cottage at Mt.Yatsugatake, Japan โดย Cottage Style / コテージスタイル คันทรี่
Cottage Style / コテージスタイル

Small Cottage at Mt.Yatsugatake, Japan

Cottage Style / コテージスタイル

A cottage can be a refreshing respite especially when it's placed close to nature. This one has a dainty front porch where you can exchange stories with a loved one.

10. Modern fairy tales

Take fairy tales to the now by combining their magical atmosphere with modern architecture just like the stunning window and door details on this one.

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น