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A small, chic apartment with smart space saving ideas

April Kennedy April Kennedy
โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น
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One of the most beautiful features in many old Spanish homes are the soft and earthy textures of their stone walls. Today, we will see how this feature can be very cleverly integrated into a fresh and modern design.

The apartment is situated in A Coruna, a lively city on the Spanish coast with good access to a beach and a mild, appealing climate. The dimensions measure a modest 55 square metres which is surprising when you consider how vibrant and space it feels. So get ready to be wowed and come with us to check it out. Also, this project comes to us courtesy of Barcelona-based interior architects Egue Y Seta.

Restored stone walls

โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น

Exposed stone walls are a powerful attention grabbing feature in any home. The only issue is that they can often overwhelm a small space or make it feel quite aesthetically heavy. Here however we have the perfect combination of exposed stone walls and fresh modern walls.

Maximalist elements

โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น

The big bold modern light fittings and cosy, eclectic furnishings offer a lot of interest and variety. There are some big contrasts to be seen in this living room. However, each element has its part to play and the overall design of the space feels complete. It's important to note that there is a strong focal point here and that is obviously the lights.

Kitchen blackboard

โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น

A blackboard covers one wall of the kitchen and gives the home a fresh feel. It really just begs to be drawn upon and this makes the home feel really friendly and family-like. We love the strong contrast between the black and white elements. This further expands our sense of spaciousness in the home. It also adds some interest to the otherwise minimalist design.

Two-toned bedroom paint

โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น

One of our favourite features in the bedroom has to be the slightly whimsical two-toned wall paint. It makes the bedroom feel playful and a little dreamy. Match that with a patchwork quilt and some colourful accessories and you have a winning combination. Also, check out how that blue paint runs all the way up to cover the ceiling as well.

Smart bathroom design

โดย Egue y Seta โมเดิร์น

Like many older homes this one has a bathroom with a unique sloping roof. The bathroom still feels spacious however because there is a minimalist shower room design, a wall mounted cabinet and some big bold elements. 

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โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น