13 stunning bathroom designs for all tastes


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13 stunning bathroom designs for all tastes

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
โดย Gama Ceramica y Baño โมเดิร์น
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Picture your perfect bathroom, from colour scheme to textures, illumination and even decor and accessories. Now, think about how your current bathroom should be upgraded to exude elegance and sophistication, an modern space to relax, unwind and soak up the suds in your bathtub. 

Include anything from candles and neutral shades for that always inviting ambiance, or perhaps go striking with a bold design. There's always the rusticity of the Mediterranean inspiration for that shabby chic home at the seaside. Interested? Let's see what our professionals included to suit any personality.

1. Industrial

โดย SegmentoPonto4 คันทรี่

Living in an upgraded penthouse apartment with an industrial identity? No problem, go for exposed concrete walls, dramatic lamps and wooden elements to decorate your bathroom in striking style.

2. Neutral stone

โดย Rudman Visagie โมเดิร์น

The neutral stone wall adds texture to a sleek and simple bathroom design, while the glazed shower door keeps the space neat and tidy.

3. Minimalist

โดย JSD Interiors ผสมผสาน กระเบื้อง

A minimalist grey bathroom is essential for trendy and tasteful decor.

4. Floral

โดย JSD Interiors ผสมผสาน

Include your favourite blooms to highlight an enchanting atmosphere in your bathroom, but remember to choose plants that are resistant to humidity.

5. For the artist

There's something so elegant about a bathroom with a statement-making sculpture. How about enhancing that gallery appeal in your home?

6. A country choice

Terracotta walls, wooden accessories and an old fashioned sink is definitely the ultimate rustic feature.

7. Wooden decor

โดย JSD Interiors ชนบทฝรั่ง ไม้ Wood effect

A wooden divider will separate space in a large bathroom, but choose a divider that matches the rest of your wooden accessories, fixtures and fittings.

8. Natural light

A skylight in your bathroom can instantly reduce mildew and mold, while creating a sunkissed space to enjoy a bath.

9. Mirror magic

โดย JSD Interiors ผสมผสาน ไม้ Wood effect

A mirror will instantly enhance the space of your bathroom and when paired with gorgeous illumination, your space will be magnificent too.

10. Vibrant

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

Colourful wall tiles in a small bathroom is an awesome display of your quirky persona.

11. Marble effect

โดย Gabriela Afonso โมเดิร์น

Marble is known as a noble material throughout history, so display your taste of all things grand with this stylish tile.

12. Mediterranean

Match your wall and floor tiles for that Mediterranean inspired design transporting you to a home in the country.

13. Garden wall

โดย Gabriela Pereira ผสมผสาน

Incorporate greenery through a garden wall and your bathroom will be revitalising, fresh and fascinating! Need some more tips and tricks? Have a look at these 11 smart small bathroom ideas

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น