13 beautiful ideas for your bedroom


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13 beautiful ideas for your bedroom

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โดย Etienne Hanekom Interiors ผสมผสาน
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Here at homify, we are always looking at ways to improve our own homes, whether that is by means of structural improvements or by changing up the interior design scheme of the house. This is why we like to bring you ideas and pictures of inspiration to do just that for your own home as well. There are wonderful professionals out there, but plenty you can do for yourself too. 

Today, we will hone in on the bedroom – that very intimate and special room of our homes, the place that is uniquely our own. We are going to explore a few ways in which you can improve your bedroom space, and we are sure you will agree that these are all beautiful ideas that will improve the quality and atmosphere of your living space by tenfold. 

Join us in exploring this list of ideas which you can easily imitate and individualise to create the bedroom of your dreams. 

1. Beach atmosphere

Create a beachy atmosphere in your bedroom for calmness and serenity by incorporating neutral colours and natural elements, such as driftwood and sandy textures. 

2. Reading alcove

If you have a hollow corner, or the space to add one, you can insert a little alcove with cushions and textures to create a comfortable reading spot.

3. Mirrored

Big in the 90's, mirrored walls and cupboard dorrs are making a comeback. 

4. Open plan

If you have an en-suite bathroom, why not open it up to create a lighter and more free space. 

5. Bright and intense

โดย homify ผสมผสาน

Bring some life to your bedroom with an intense colour to the background. 

6. Traditional eclectic

Bring in some old school style mixed with modernist elements, like a framed bed and classic paintings together with an industrial-style chandelier and trendy textiles. 

7. All bright

Make your bedroom light and large by using all-white textiles with white walls. 

8. Studio

โดย Covet Design ผสมผสาน

If you have a bachelor's flat or studio apartment, you can bring a free-standing tub in right next to your bed for convenience. 

9. Free-spirited

โดย homify สแกนดิเนเวียน

You can bring a casual and free=-spirited feeling to your bedroom by incorporating some fun and easy-going patterns, as well as loose-wire lights hanging from the ceiling. 

10. Geometry

โดย Covet Design โมเดิร์น

Bring in some sharp and monochromatic geometry into your bedroom for with patterned rugs, such as we can see in the image. 

11. Oriental

Some metallic and Eastern-inspired decorative elements will enhance your humble abode. 

12. Fun patters

This fun wallpaper pattern will bring an exciting and carefree atmosphere to your bedroom. 

13. Art at the head

โดย JSD Interiors ผสมผสาน ไม้ Wood effect

This beautiful headboard features a painted design that enhances the atmosphere of the entire bedroom. 

These ideas are sure to improve any bedroom you come across, but take a look at these bedroom design that are perfect for South African homes in particular.

โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น