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12 bathroom details that make all the difference

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So many people focus all their design genius and budget on the more sociable rooms in the house, which means that practical spaces, such as bathrooms, are something of an afterthought – but we want to change that! 

Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that creating a harmonious, beautiful and fresh room is vital, as it's a space you have to spend time in regularly and anything less than perfection will, eventually, bring you down. We think that we've found some amazing ideas for adding some serious style and designer charm to your bathroom, so even if you're not ready for a total re-fit, a few of these suggestions could certainly help to get your space back on track. 

Let's take a look!

1. A statement sink.

Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf, plain white sink, why not stretch your imagination a little and look into one-off, designer installations? You'll only have to buy it once and if you invest more now, the rest of your bathroom will simply melt away and let the sink be the focus!

2. Freestanding bathtubs.

There is a time and a place for built-in baths, but if you want to really make a splash with your bathroom design, you have to consider something a little more chic. Freestanding tubs have long been an elegant and luxurious motif in high-end bathrooms and don't you deserve one?

3. Fancy wallpaper.

Why paint, when you can wallpaper? The range of bathroom wallpaper now available is incredible and when you think that you could enjoy some glittering damask on your walls, instead of boring paint, it has to be worth thinking about.

4. Unusual tiles.

Tiles in the bathroom might not be a new innovation, but you can set your space apart by choosing some with a really unusual design or bold finish! If you want to be really unique, you could even design your own tiles and have them made just for you.

5. A pretty mirror.

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but it doesn't have to be plain and boring! Choose something that offers a little more character and style and it will not only reflect light around your space and help you to make sure you look good, it will inject extra glamour into your décor as well.

6. Gorgeous natural light.

Don't shut out the natural light in your bathroom, as it lends such a fresh and hygienic feel to the room! When not in use, make sure any blinds or curtains are drawn and try to pop open a window too, to inject some revitalising fresh air.

7. Eye-catching hardware.

If you're going to consider an amazing sink or a freestanding bathtub, the next issue is hardware! Taps are so much more than just a necessary plumbing attribute, as they can be bold, stylish and really eye-catching in their own right, if you choose the right type!

8. Beautiful storage.

Regardless of how organised you are, bathroom storage is something that most of us struggle to get enough of, so look out for some pretty storage items that will be a feature on their own but also add the practical application that you need. Vintage furniture is usually a great option for this!

9. Multi-user design.

A busy household means that the bathroom will get a lot of action and if you want to negate queues and waiting times, it might be worth embracing the modern trend of multi-user vanity units! Dual sinks look fantastic and really do make a lot of sense in a family home.

10. Handy task lighting.

As well as natural light, you'll need some task illumination in your bathroom, but don't settle for boring varieties when you can go all out! We really love the luxurious touches that people add, with things such as crystal chandeliers and matching wall lamps. What a bit of fun!

11. Space-savvy solutions.

Maintaining a usable and common sense layout in your bathroom can be the key to making the space look and feel high-end and solutions such as wall-mounted towel rails really do help! Minimising how many things are on the floor just makes the room feel far larger as well.

12. Personal touches.

When all is said and done, this is YOUR bathroom, so a few finishing touches will always look great! Creative toilet roll holders, pretty wall plaques and even artwork will all come together to create a room that is undeniably your taste and beautiful to boot!

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to furnish a narrow bathroom effectively?

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