7 tips on how to save on your electricity bill


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7 tips on how to save on your electricity bill

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The month of March is known to be the month when households spend the most on electricity! It doesn't mean that your electricity bill should sky rocket just because it's summer season and the temperature is rising. Sometimes, all it takes is a lifestyle change and a conscious decision to be more efficient. Here are some ways to get you started.

1. Efficient fridge and freezer

Out of all the appliances in the kitchen, the refrigerator uses the most electricity. Make its work easy by keeping it full. This means that it doesn't have to work as much, therefore, it uses less energy and it's more efficient. 

2. Use focused light

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If you are reading or working on your desk in your study room, it's better to use a small desk lamp. It uses less energy and it feels more cozy as well.

3. Candles lighten the mood

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The London Candle Company

Ivory floating candles and ball candles

The London Candle Company

When the occasion calls for it, enjoy a candlelit evening at home. It can be a romantic dinner or just a fun night with family and friends.

4. Opt for solar energy

Installing solar panels at home could save as much as one-third of your electricity bill. You may have to spend money to install it initially. But the pay off is definitely worth it.

5. Natural air

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Open your windows and let natural air inside the house. This is especially advisable if you live in the countryside. Who needs electric fan or air conditioner when there's fresh air?

6. Let light in

 หน้าต่าง โดย Marvin Windows and Doors UK, คลาสสิค

Use natural lighting as much as you can. Let natural light flood your entire house and save a ton on your electric bill. With large windows like these, you don't even have to turn on your lights during the day.

7. Insulated roof

You will see a huge difference in your electric bill when you insulate the ceiling. This will give better temperature around the house.

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