20 simple and stylish roof space ideas you'll want to try


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20 simple and stylish roof space ideas you'll want to try

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Who hasn’t at some point dreamed of owning a fabulous rooftop space? The ultimate luxurious escape, a rooftop terrace is truly an urban paradise. Regardless of your budget, you can fashion yourself a slice of idyllic sky-high luxury using a few simple ingredients. And we’re going to show you how. If your rooftop is languishing unused and unloved, it’s time to take charge and redecorate.

We’ve gathered 20 examples we think will inspire and motivate, along with a range of different shapes and sizes to suit all outdoor setups. If you have a large and luxurious area or a simple balcony, we’re sure you’ll find something below. Let’s check them out now!

1. This open and well-refurbished design offers simple materials, luxury furniture and an easily achievable style.

เอเชีย  โดย Fabiola Ferrarello architetto, เอเชียน ไม้ Wood effect
Fabiola Ferrarello architetto

Ristrutturazione appartamento 50 mq

Fabiola Ferrarello architetto

2. Perfect for combating the Singapore heat, this lush design provides ample shade for the dining space, along with a privacy wall of grasses.

3. Timber flooring on this large terrace adds an earthy aesthetic, which is ideal for those who like to entertain, yet want a stylish low-maintenance surface.

4. A combination of cooking, dining and living – this outdoor terrace is definitely one of the finer examples we’ve seen. Add a wall of creeping plants for extra privacy and a softer, more organic touch.

5. The ideal party spot, this large rooftop boasts an undercover drinking and bar space for all-weather revelry!

6. A Jacuzzi really boosts the allure of this rooftop, which includes timber walls panelling that stylishly coordinates with the spa.

โดย Mangodesign โมเดิร์น

7. We Singaporeans know rainy weather! So why risk an outdoor terrace, when you can create a gorgeous indoor space that offers 100% weather protection?

8. Living in the lap of luxury is easy to imagine with this huge outdoor, multi-function roof terrace.


9. Sometimes simple is best, and this example offers a low-budget solution for children and adults alike.

โดย Studio Fori โมเดิร์น

10. Want a space to keep the kids (and adults) busy? Check out this wonderfully shaded games space!

11. This rooftop has employed a division between each area, which means everyone can fully enjoy their leisure time.

12. Awnings are a great way to protect from the harsh Singapore sun, while retaining a sense of style and sophistication.

13. Don’t want to have to spend hours maintaining your garden? Try artificial turf instead…


14. If you’re after impressive relaxation, serene luxury and a timeless aesthetic, then take a peek at this next example that comes replete with a plunge pool and expansive rest/living area.

G 43/11 โดย FADD Architects โมเดิร์น

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15. Small budget? No worries, all you need are some comfy seats and a BBQ to keep everyone comfy and contented.

โดย homify ผสมผสาน

16. Neutral colours reflect the light and are perfect for hot summery days.

โดย Formaementis มินิมัล

17. If your rooftop or balcony leads into the living area you should consider some large glass doors to create continuity and flow between the interior and exterior.

โดย Mario Ferrara โมเดิร์น

18. Adding bright colours can help impart personality and create a unique design for your home.

19. Soft and cosy, these bean bags are a far cry from the one you had as a child, and provide the perfect relaxation zone.

โดย STUDIOTALENT srl โมเดิร์น

20. Consider your lighting for night-time enjoyment of your outdoor space

โดย STUDIOTALENT srl โมเดิร์น

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