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The property you'll want to call home

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A quick fact to kick-off today’s homify 360° piece: the bungalow originated in the Bengali region in South Asia. The term was created in India and derived from the word ‘bangalo’, which means ‘Bengali’. This was what the locals used to describe a house in ‘Bengal style’. 

Today, housing options have undergone a few evolutionary changes, yet the features of the typical bungalow still remain the same (although the meaning of the word may vary a bit from country to country). 

So how about a modern-style bungalow to call your “happily ever after home”? For inspiration, we bring you this charming creation, which is pure perfection for a young couple who may or may not be thinking of branching out their little family.

The front entrance

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From the front, the typical characteristics of the modern style can clearly be seen: a linear design, no embellished surfaces, neutral tones, etc. 

Notice how the vertical handle of the door that nearly runs from floor to roof gives an illusion of height, while also adding in a touch of shine which stands out brilliantly amongst the darker hues of the façade.

A clean-lined design

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We just love the strong lines that run up and down, as well as sideways, conjuring up this structure, framing contemporary and sturdy materials in the process – the modern style at its finest. 

Upon closer inspection, we can see that a concrete structure was sliced open to house the metal-clad façade of the house (which is also where the front entrance is located).

The entrance

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Thanks to numerous glass panes (including the one inserted right beside the front door), natural light filters inside. This illumination is helped along by the white ceilings and walls, which make the interiors appear bigger and brighter. 

Because the bungalow is a little modest in size, some clever planning had to happen to make the insides not appear cluttered. That is why the one corner space of the entryway was entirely transformed into a storage area, complete with elongated cupboard and hanging area. 

Notice how the peninsula on the left, a divider for the kitchen area, is turned into a dining spot and/or bar area.

Visual effects

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Thanks to columns and ceiling beams (in the same crisp whites as the rest of the walls and ceiling surfaces), some visual appeal is ensured on the inside. They complement both the windows and dressers while enhancing the linear design that we already noticed on the outside. 

Vertical artworks in an earthy brown give a nice touch to the room while also ensuring some colour contrast.

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The bathroom that’s so hot

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The neutral colour palette has appeared pretty cool in appearance up until now. But for the bathroom, it does a switch-around and presents warm beige and earthy hues to dominate the space. 

Elongated surfaces have been added to give the illusion of length, most notably in the wall mirror and sink. And don’t overlook that delightful skylight, which also serves to add some daylight into the bathroom while preserving the privacy factor.

The kitchen with a minimalist style

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Lines and cubes (continue to) surface in the kitchen, flaunting a long and slim look for the cabinets and countertops. In keeping the kitchen looking bright and clean, white was used to adorn the cabinetry, with select appliances popping out via their darker or steely tones. 

A perfect example of how a small amount of space can hold a gigantic quantity of style and elegance!

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