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9 façade features to make your small home beautiful

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The façade to your home is like its outer skin – an indicator for what might hide inside, and the space that unquestionably boasts the ability to make or break your home’s curb appeal. Let’s face it, we all make judgments based on our first impressions, and when it comes to your property, the façade is a crucial area you are going to want to get right.

However, it is also one of the most daunting spots to try and renovate. Most individuals don’t know where to begin, and many feel it’s a task that is simply too large to take on. We’re here to show you it’s not. We’ve gathered 9 façade features that will make your small home beautiful, all with relatively simple alterations and additions. Let’s check them out below…

1. Working with shadows

This first example employs an architecturally significant gate structure to enhance the overall property, while boosting the effect of light through the manipulation of shadows.

2. A fresh coat of paint

Simple and effective, designers know a fresh coat of paint will enhance your façade and create a renewed ambience with its restored aesthetic.

3. Upper-storey cladding

Cladding an upper storey of your home is less expensive that rejuvenating the entire fascia, and can create an eye-catching alteration that breathes new life into your abode.

4. Composite stone features

Casas inHAUS บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย

Composite stone is inexpensive and offers a rustic touch to your dwelling that can assist with its sense of connection to the landscape. This type of stone is also versatile enough to be employed in a modern sense, boosting its changeability and effectiveness.

5. Modern touches

Updating an older home can be simple enough with the right finishes. Consider a fresh coat of paint in a contemporary hue, a new front door and clean, crisp surface.

6. A bright feature

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Painting a bright feature is easy and will immediately add a luminous quality to your small home.

7. Interesting brickwork

The architects of this small home definitely know the benefit and style of attractive brickwork. Bricks can offer interesting patterns and motifs to a façade, as well as imparting timelessness and elegance.

8. Exterior garden beds

One of the easier solutions to a small home façade upgrade are exterior garden planters. Grow some greenery in front of your abode and you’ll create an inviting and lush atmosphere with relative simplicity.

9. A new front door

A new front door can do wonders for a home. Rip out your old one and add a new, stylish option that will evoke a sense of fresh, renewed living.

Do you think any of these would suit your home? Or do you need some more encouragement? If it’s the latter, we think you’ll enjoy: How to build a low-cost home in 10 easy steps

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