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9 genius prefab houses that will surprise you

Leigh Leigh
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Prefabricated houses are becoming more and more popular. What once held negative connotations and was associated with mass production is today characterized by personalized design and many other advantages.

One main advantage when it comes to a prefabricated house rather than the traditional construction of a house is how short it takes to construct. Individual parts of the house are usually made in the factory and are then assembled on site. Wood is a material that is often chosen. 

The house is therefore built in just a few months from preparation to construction to positioning the home. This is a very efficient process.

Prefabricated houses can also be architecturally adapted to the individual needs of owners. In fact, today on homify, we are going to show you a range of prefabricated houses that will built in no time. They represent the various models and designs that are available from the classic to the modern.

Are you ready to explore these 9 prefabricated houses?

Let's take a look!

1. Classic family home

From the outside, we can see that this 1323 square foot house is detached with prefabricated elements. The model impresses in many ways. It is attractive in appearance but it is also very budget friendly! You wouldn't believe how cheap this house was to construct!

The interior has been tailored to the needs of a family of four and features a large, open plan living room and a social area where friends and family can spend time together. The designers of the house wanted energy efficiency so they have installed systems that allow for minimum energy consumption.

2. Large prefabricated house

This design by professionals Rensch-Haus GmbH is a spacious prefabricated home that is very open and sophisticated.

The high windows are installed from floor to ceiling, allowing light to flood the house. On the upper level, the 721 square foot loft is designed in a very modern and contemporary way.

Don't you love the extended terrace, which allows the home to flow out onto the garden? The flat roof finishes off the clean look and feel.

3. A personalized home

homify บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย

Everyone wants their house to be built according to their own ideas and styles. It should also be adapted to the needs of the residents.

Here we can see just how this has been achieved! An original facade made of wood creates a very classic look and feel. There are also so many opportunities when it comes to the colour palette.

The windows, balconies and layout of the rooms can also be custom-designed. 

4. A spectacular prefabricated house

SchwörerHaus บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย ไม้ White

If you choose a prefabricated house, there is one big advantage as we have mentioned before: the models can be modified and adapted to individual needs.

In this example, we come across a spectacular white house, that shows just how many options exist. You truly can go for a simple yet spectacular design!

The sloping roofs and the modern finishes make for a very striking look and feel.

5. Construction in Mediterranean-style

This 2691 square foot project is simply beautiful. The building features a traditional roof, a huge terrace and an incredible pool, which reminds us of the Mediterranean coast.

The building was built on a wooden structure and then plastered. The gleaming white facade harmonizes with the bright patterns and gorgeous garden.

6. The house – a work of art

In this model home, we can see how beautiful it would be to live with the most advanced technology in a very sophisticated and stunning house.

This energy-efficient home allows the house to produce more energy than it consumes. This is a huge advantage! It saves money and lowers the family's carbon footprint. 

Don't you love the open connections between the interior and exterior spaces?

7. Rapid construction and financial savings

Another great advantage when it comes to prefabricated houses is the fast construction time. By shortening the construction period to about five months, a huge amount of money is saved on the process.

The owners of this two-storey house know all about it! This home was made from renewable raw materials, contributing to environmental sustainability. The house is also thermally insulated, keeping maintenance costs minimal.

8. Massive prefabricated house

The speed of construction, precise workmanship, high quality, durability and low cost – these can all be checked off when looking at this beautiful home. 

This massive housing module was prepared in a factory and installed on site. 

Have you ever seen something so simple result in something so extraordinary?

9. The prefab with lots of glass

Speaking of modern prefabricated houses, we have to look at this beautiful home. The architects are known for producing high-quality timber houses with prefabricated elements.

This design features an abundance of glass, allowing light to flow into the beautiful home.

The home is made up of 3756 square feet and is very cleverly designed. There are open plan social areas including a games area.

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