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Large apartment with all the details

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Rubleva Design ห้องครัว
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Moscow – Russia’s capital and the hub of aristocracy – is dotted with houses that define international style – setting global design benchmarks with undefined finesse and elegance. This home in Moscow is a fitting tribute to the stylish quarters that can be found in various parts of the metropolis. The city – synonymous with luxury and prestige – is teeming with designers, homes, or offices that pay homage to the understated opulence and muted colors, which have come to define the sophisticated edge of Russian modern design. The architects at Mariya Rubvela have designed this large apartment in Moscow. Come and have a look at the contemporary, artistic side of this space.

​A subdued affair in the entryway.

Rubleva Design ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่

The entryway of the home has subdued colors and larger-than-life elements like the huge round mirror. The marble and lighting seem to match veins for a cohesive and luxurious look.

​A touch of red.

Rubleva Design ห้องนั่งเล่น

Scarlet red comes to define the neutral zone of this living room that also has a fun and quirky shelf on the side.

​Quirky kitchen.

Rubleva Design ห้องนั่งเล่น

While we are on the subject of quirky, this home does not disappoint. The large kitchen with its soothing yet robust industrial style has an eccentric edge with the workman-stools and a row of lamps – set in a diagonal array.

​True blue style.

Rubleva Design ห้องครัว

The hall that houses the dining room has a soothing blue palette, which matches step with the neutral and beige-hued room.

​Jeweled undertones in the dining room.

Rubleva Design ห้องครัว

The dining room boasts of copper domes for lighting above the blue-and-white dining table. On the sides, light-polished cabinets can be seen.

​Luxurious bedroom.

Rubleva Design ห้องนอน

This royal-looking space has a soft petal-hued touch to the bedding, drapes with cascading crystal lighting on the sides, and a bold animal-print rug.

​Animal prints.

Rubleva Design ห้องนอน

Lively animal prints line the other side of the floor with a reading lamp, couch, as well as matching black and white portraits on the wall.

​Camp-style bedroom.

Rubleva Design ห้องนอน

The robust teal shades are the perfect folly for the muted jungle tones and wallpaper of this sumptuous suite. Rich fabrics and a two-tone palette are the hallmark of this room.

​Romantic leanings.

Rubleva Design ห้องนอน

The romantic leading mirror of this space makes for delicate look that strikes a fine balance amidst the solid furniture.

​Artistic license.

Rubleva Design ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่

This space has much artistic license thanks to the larger-than-life work-of-art, which dresses up the quirky lamps and the simple modern barn-style end-table.

​Granite jungle.

Rubleva Design ห้องน้ำ

With a jungle texture on the shower stall-wall and granite for the rest of the space, this uber-stylish bathroom will take your breath away! 

​Wood and granite.

Rubleva Design ห้องน้ำ

While wood sits on the doors, the floor also glistens with robust and luxurious granite.

​The all-white bathroom.

Rubleva Design ห้องน้ำ

This white bathroom is a classic one with drapes pulled to a side of the asymmetrical vintage-style bathtub.

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