25 fence and wall ideas to make your house more stylish


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25 fence and wall ideas to make your house more stylish

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 สวน โดย Tyler Mandic Ltd, โมเดิร์น
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A beautiful garden is such a blessing, but you need to be sure that your fence or wall choices are adding to the aesthetic, as well as guaranteeing your security and privacy. So today, we've found 25 terrific styles that you can choose from! Naturally, gardeners will be able to suggest even more terrific ideas, but if you're only just starting to think about upgrading your outside finishing touches, we think you'll find this article terrifically inspiring! So come with us as we take a look at some of the most incredible designs available right now…

1. Whitewashed wood.

Painted wood makes for a pretty and neat fencing style, especially if you want to make the space feel a little larger as well.

2. Natural wood.

 สวน โดย estudio|44, โมเดิร์น ไม้ Wood effect

Natural wood always looks stunning as a fencing solution and will age beautifully, turning a nice silver colour.

3. Rustic logs.

 สวน โดย BAIRES GREEN, คลาสสิค

Whole logs look terrific anywhere, but as a garden fence, they make a brilliantly rustic installation.

4. Simple security.

 สวน โดย BAIRES GREEN, คลาสสิค

Thin metal fencing allows the light to keep flowing in your garden are is perfect for simply cordoning off a pool or water feature.

5. Decorative concrete.

Concrete walls don't have to be overbearing or boring, if you choose a decorative finish.

6. Spaced-out wood.

 สวน โดย homify, โมเดิร์น

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


Perfect for small gardens, wooden fencing that has gaps between the planks looks lovely and doesn't make the space feel too enclosed.

7. Gabion walls.

Boulders encased in thin wire are stunning. These gabion walls are easy to install and make for a steadfast solution to privacy concerns.

8. Richly stained wood.

 สวน โดย Tyler Mandic Ltd, โมเดิร์น
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

Darker wood makes such a striking statement in a garden and can match your home's façade perfectly, if you have cladding on it.

9. Concrete and wood.

A low concrete wall can have extra height added with simple wooden panels on the top. It looks great too and can encourage easy climber growth.

10. Flint gabions.

Flint shards make for an unusual and gorgeous gabion wall filling! We think they are ideal for zen spaces.

11. Natural stone.

Chunky natural stone walls offer such texture and eye-catching design, especially in a small garden.

12. Artistically carved wood.

Being such a malleable material, wooden fencing can be as artistic as you are!

13. Two-tone wood.

Perfect for denoting different areas in your garden, two-tone wood looks amazing!

14. Iron railings.

 บ้านและที่อยู่อาศัย โดย epb arquitectura, โมเดิร์น

Simple but effective, metal railings make your home look a lot more secure and stylish!

15. Beautiful bamboo.

 สวน โดย Taffin, เอเชียน

Natural materials make for such enigmatic fencing and bamboo is definitely worth consideration. It's so cost-effective too!

16. Plastic panels.

 สวน โดย Ogrodzenia PCV, คลาสสิค

White plastic fencing is a wonderful idea, as it has all the beauty of wooden varieties, while being totally weather resistant. 

17. Trellis style.

 สวน โดย Ogrodzenia PCV, คลาสสิค

If you have a country-style garden, trellis fencing will look absolutely perfect! It keeps light flowing too!

18. White picket.

 สวน โดย Ogrodzenia PCV, คลาสสิค

There's a reason why white picket fencing is so popular and the focus of many home dreams! It looks so sweet and almost romantic!

19. Picket and bricks.

 สวน โดย Ogrodzenia PCV, คลาสสิค

For a little extra security, try mixing picket fencing with red brick supports!

20. Horizontal wood.

 สวน โดย Contractors, โมเดิร์น ไม้ Wood effect

Ideal for amplifying the length of a garden, horizontal wooden fence panels look contemporary and classic at the same time.

21. Citadel walls.

Curved stone walls will always look grand and striking and we think they work so well in a tropical space!

22. Material medley.

If you can't choose just one fencing material, how about combining a few different ones? The contrast will be so eye-catching.

23. Painted concrete.

Simple but effective, painted concrete walls can look incredible! Bold colour choices always look terrific!

24. Old bricks and new wood.

 สวน โดย New Images Architects, โมเดิร์น
New Images Architects

Private House – Holland Park

New Images Architects

Mixing old and new materials is a great way to add some character and designer style to your garden. Traditional bricks with modern wood panels work so well!

25. Stunning stainless steel.

Sleek and modern, stainless steel fencing is really taking off right now! We love the industrial aesthetic it creates.

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to create a beautiful garden in a small space.

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