The suburban home you've always dreamed of


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The suburban home you've always dreamed of

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If you love the simple charm of quiet suburban homes but still want a contemporary decor that's right at the cutting edge of interior design, then you are sure to be impressed by the home we're looking at today. The exterior is humble and unassuming, a blend of vibrant timber slats and white concrete that looks modern, but still has the quaint appeal of a traditional family villa.

The property features an expansive backyard, and the designers of this home have done everything they can to make the most of it. A gorgeous timber patio area wraps around one side of the home, promising lazy afternoons bathing in the sun, with the covered area perfect for al fresco dining. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our tour around this stunning home though is that we get to take a look inside the minds of these fantastic architects with the floor plan, and see exactly how they executed their vision. Now let's take a look!

A contemporary living room

Both the living room and dining room feature glass doors opening onto the patio, keeping the home fresh and bright, and allowing you to blend the interior and exterior spaces. The decor is cool and modern, with a neutral colour palette broken up by dashes of vivid colour, and trendy furniture choices. That funky lime green chair exemplifies both concepts, making a huge impact on the the decor, and introducing some colour and fun into the living room. 

Every aspect of this space has been carefully considered, from the black and white furniture, to the art work echoing the colours in the rug, to the artistic light shades, but our favourite feature has to be that beautiful new fireplace, keeping the home toasty in the winter months.

The facade

The facade of this home is designed for maximum privacy, featuring a garage at the front, while the only street facing window looks into the kitchen. This is an important consideration for family homes, and with plenty of windows surrounding the house the living areas are still bathed in natural light.

The design is simple, a classic bungalow with a pitched tile roof and a classic colour scheme of white, timber, and charcoal grey, giving this home an inviting traditional feel.

From the backyard

From the back of this home we get a look at just how fantastic that outdoor area is. With a dining area on the elevated deck and a perfectly manicured garden this looks like the ideal spot for a family barbecue. You'll also notice a large solar panel on the roof, an eco-friendly option that is sure to save the lucky owners of this home on their electricity bill.

A quiet spot in the shade

On the side of the home the dining room opens onto a sheltered area, featuring a pure white outdoor sofa. The timber slats really liven up the exterior, adding texture and depth to the facade, and providing a more rustic contrast to the clean white concrete that defines the rest of the structure. The planter boxes are another great addition, both for their decorative impact, and for providing a little more shade for the patio.

The plan

Despite its small size this amazing home features a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an expansive living area. The master bedroom has both a walk-in closet and a private en suite for ultimate luxury, while the other two bedrooms are spacious enough for a bed and a desk for the kids to do their homework! 

The open plan living area makes the most of the remaining space, a really good idea for smaller homes, with the living room and dining room at one end, and the kitchen at the other. The garage at the front of the home opens into a utility room, keeping the messier parts of this home at one end of the house, away from the living area.

This house really has everything, and it looks fabulous too! If you'd like to check out a really impressive country home, we promise you this article will blow you away!

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