Stunning dining rooms to inspire your next decorating project


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Stunning dining rooms to inspire your next decorating project

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ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE โดย Mauricio Arruda Design ผสมผสาน
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Filipinos are the social sort. And, whether it's for a quick merienda or a sumptuous dinner, one of our favorite places to meet and mingle at home is our dining rooms. It is thus the very reason why homeowners from the Philippines place special attention to this particular space, so if you are planning on giving it a little upgrade, here are some tips to swing you in the right direction. 

Add some fun

ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE โดย Mauricio Arruda Design ผสมผสาน
Mauricio Arruda Design


Mauricio Arruda Design

The dining room is the place where people get together, so why not make it a happier space to congregate by giving it a young and fun vibe with interesting pieces. Case in point: this eclectic example, which combines a House of Cards table designer by Brazilian firm Mauricio Arruda Design with chairs in bright, green shades! The wall art and pictures also add more character to an otherwise plain, white wall. 

Neutral colors for warmth

Go for neutral colors if you want to give your space that certain kind of coziness. Plus, wood in light colors are in trend right now, and is not likely to go away. Just imagine the kind of foodstagram shots you can make on that beautiful table. 

Mix textutres

dining table โดย edictum - UNIKAT MOBILIAR คันทรี่

Assign a subtle edge for your dining room by mixing textures. Give dining sets a pass by mixing and matching and pairing a wooden table (we're loving this Edictum table hard wax-oil treated surface) with modern, leather chairs. Or, you can do it vice versa!

Add life

โดย Markham Stagers มินิมัล

You can always count on plants to add life and freshness into any space, including dining areas! We suggest getting ones that are low-maintenance and are able to thrive indoors, without much sunlight — air plants, aloe vera, snake plant, pothos, and cactus are you best options!

Give it light

โดย homify อินดัสเตรียล

Natural light is always a good idea! Aside from instantly making any space beautiful, homeowners can also benefit from sunlight's therapeutic and health benefits, not to mention the fact that it aids in creating a capacious appearance for any space.

Views never fail

โดย MOA architecture เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน

Much like natural light, you can never really go wrong with a room that looks out a stunning view. If your home is surrounded by great scenery, treat your room to a view by installing picture windows (floor-to-ceiling ones like this one, if you can) right by the dining area. You can always add curtains or blinds for days when you need a bit of privacy. 

And symmetry…

Humans are naturally drawn to symmetry, making it one of the the very basic elements of art and design. If you want to bring balance and harmony to the dining space, make sure that each side of the room compliments the other. This room serves as a good example, subtly employing symmetry despite using objects that don't exactly match — the key is to make sure each side mirrors the other. 

Make sure it is comfortable

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall โดย Laurence Associates โมเดิร์น
Laurence Associates

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Laurence Associates

More importantly, make sure that pieces in your dining room come together to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, not just for you, but for your guests as well. Aside from well-made furniture, symmetry, and good lighting, it also helps to add flowers or a door that opens up to the sea's cool, tropical breeze. 

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