20 beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star


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20 beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star

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โดย GLR Arquitectos โมเดิร์น
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When we renovate our bathroom, timber is often seen as a risky option. When not treated correctly, wooden interiors can buckle, warp and dry out, often affecting the overall aesthetic and ambience. However, these days timber is making a comeback in contemporary, modern and traditional bathrooms. With a range of different timber varieties, such as cedar, larch and even engineered wood there are plenty of choices and opportunities for your bathroom’s floors, walls and furniture.

If you’re considering a new design for your wash space, timber might be just what you need to create a personalised, individual and original interior. Would you like a little inspiration? Check out our top 20 examples below!

1. Timber floors are timeless, and available in a range of stylish options – remember to choose a waterproof or well-sealed make and variety

โดย ALI-CURA โมเดิร์น

2. Choose a charming ambience and aesthetic, with timber-clad walls and a matching vanity!

3. For that modern rustic look, take your cues from this beautiful timber bathroom furniture

4. Contemporary bathrooms can also employ wooden finishes. This incredible clean, crisp bathroom is proof!

โดย GLR Arquitectos โมเดิร์น

5. A truly incredible loft bathroom, this timber extravaganza is a beautifully designed space

6. Pair your timber walls with tiles for an interesting and engaging textured duo

7. Timber abounds in this space, with glass adding the final sleek touch

8. Timeless chalet-esque aesthetics ensure this room is fabulously practical and enduring

If you require more timber bathroom advice, you can always chat to an expert. Find a professional bathroom designer via the homify website and get started today!

9. Zen-like in its appeal and appearance, this bathroom softens the harder elements with warm sections of wood

โดย Polygon arch&des สแกนดิเนเวียน

10. For true sauna style, you need a timber floor like this!

11. A timber surround keeps this whirlpool tub feeling sumptuous and tranquil

12. Carry timber from the bathroom through to the bedroom, ensuring continuity and cohesiveness

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

13. If you are worried about constant water ending up on your timber floor, why not add a slate tiled section?

BAÑOS LN โดย LN-arquitectura โมเดิร์น

14. Pair timber with wicker accessories and textured stucco for a Mediterranean ambience

โดย PASSAGE CITRON เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน

15. Large timber floorboards are seamless in this contemporary bathroom space

16. Timber, timber everywhere – this bathroom is seriously wooden and wonderful!

17. Do you like rustic style? Choose wooden floors and pair them with exposed stone walls

โดย Pixcity เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน

18. This loft bedroom embraces a cohesive aesthetic using timber to keep everything united and integrated

โดย archstudiodesign สแกนดิเนเวียน

19. Modern geo prints are seriously on-trend, and look neat paired with heritage timber flooring

โดย LAVRADIO DESIGN โมเดิร์น

20. Another rustic bathing space, our last bathroom is effortlessly simple and romantic

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