20 Beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star


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20 Beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
 ห้องน้ำ โดย Polygon arch&des,
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If you’re one who enjoys natural elements, textured materials and stylish features, and you need tips and tricks to add some modern yet rustic inspiration to your bathroom, then this homify feature is perfect for you! Today, we think about gorgeous ideas to enhance a relaxing, calm and serene atmosphere in your bathroom and it’s a lot easier than you think to get the look, even in the most sophisticated and futuristic homes.

A comfortable and tranquil spa-inspired wooden bathroom could be a sensational addition to your private suite, allowing you to soak up the suds in the bath tub after a long day at work, or even enjoy a revitalising and refreshing start to the day with a shower. Wooden bathrooms are not limited to mountain cabins and country cottages anymore, and our bathroom designers have simplified some ideas to show you how easily this beautiful and aesthetically appealing effect can be incorporated within your home.

Wood is available in a few varieties and colours, each adapted to their location, and some are durable with high resistance to moisture and humidity, which is exceptional especially for the bathroom. So think carefully about the tone, texture and modern appeal you’d like to incorporate in your relaxing zone.

Wooden accents that are specifically used for the bathroom are treated against mildew through a chemical process, allowing them to last a few years especially if regular cleaned and maintained. While countertops are perfect for that sleek and chic designer look, this material can be combined with polished micro-cement, stone, and even brick for a contemporary design. It’s the epitome of neutral décor, so continue reading for ideas on where to incorporate this feature in your own bathroom and sit back, relax and unwind in style.

1. Wooden flooring

 ห้องน้ำ โดย ALI-CURA,

2. Walls and wooden cabin-like features

3. Natural wood effect

4. Almost completely covered by wood, except the ceiling

 ห้องน้ำ โดย GLR Arquitectos,

5. Rustic planks and beams

6. Wooden flooring and tile combination

7. Wooden shower

8. Updated cabin inspired

9. Sunshine, wood, ceramics and stone

 ห้องน้ำ โดย Polygon arch&des,

10. The non-slip feature

11. Hot tub steps decorated in wood

12. Wood from the bedroom to the bathroom

 ห้องน้ำ โดย homify,

13. Combination of wood and ceramics

 ห้องน้ำ โดย LN-arquitectura,

14. Wood, wicker, polished surfaces and neutral tones

 ห้องน้ำ โดย PASSAGE CITRON,

16. The alternative: Wood laminate

17. Stone walls and modernity

 ห้องน้ำ โดย Pixcity,

18. Wooden floors all the way

 ห้องน้ำ โดย archstudiodesign,

19. Laminated wood for small bathrooms

 ห้องน้ำ โดย LAVRADIO DESIGN,

20. Ultra-sophisticated with vintage elements

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