7 Ideas for the basement that makes you wonder why did not you think of that!


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7 Ideas for the basement that makes you wonder why did not you think of that!

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Manhattan Micro-Loft ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย Specht Architects โมเดิร์น
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The basement is often a neglected and underutilized space which is typically used for storing old things.  And, when you store so many unused things in one place, it can easily get dusty and uninviting. 

With a bit of imagination and organization, this boring and abandoned area can be turned into a stylish and colourful corner. In fact, it can be your media room, a party zone, or a pantry.  Today, we are talking about 7 basement ideas that are super easy to make.

1. ​A more functional basement

Manhattan Micro-Loft ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย Specht Architects โมเดิร์น
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

Turn your basement into a practical place just like this basement. You could always ask for help from an expert carpenter for utilizing such small spaces. The white cabinets in this staircase have elevated the aesthetic value of the entire basement and it is even acting as a great contrast to the dark shaded stair-steps.

To improve the functionality, there is seating arrangement also and in fact, there is room for almost every little arrangement.

4. Media room

โดย Clean Design โมเดิร์น

Imagine spending some quality time with your family while catching on your favorite show. So, if you have an unused basement, create a micro media room in the house

This space is partially covered in bricks and partially in white hues. However, the ruling element here is the red chairs. 

2. ​A hidden office

Work time needs complete silence and this tiny office suffice the purpose. Build cabinets in the basement with small drawers. Some small shelves are also recommended as it will give you space for storing small accessories like books and phones.

3. Kid's room

โดย Clean Design โมเดิร์น

Let your kids have unlimited fun in this colourful corner of the house. There are shelves, tables, and bean bags to make their day fun and beautiful. 

​5. Space for pets

Ristrutturazione ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย HENMADE โมเดิร์น



Here you have a perfect use of stairs in the form of a dog house. Allocate the area under the stairs to your pet and you can give them a perfect cozy space to sleep.

 You can create a small kennel, to make the entry easy for the pets. There is also a room for creating separate cupboard for the pet food, toilet sand, and grooming accessories.

6. Pantry

Rustic French Themed Wine Cellar โดย homify ชนบทฝรั่ง ไม้ Wood effect

Rustic French Themed Wine Cellar


Consider turning your basement into a fashionable wine store or a pantry like the one shown here. Practical shelves of different sizes help you hold the bottles in a sleek and trendy way.

7. Living Space

Basement living spaces at Russell Garden Mews โดย IQ Glass UK มินิมัล
IQ Glass UK

Basement living spaces at Russell Garden Mews

IQ Glass UK

It’s a very bright and colourful living room spreading all the possibilities of cosiness. A small get together can be easily arranged at the place here. Decorate it with few green plants and quirky home decors and you can have a place that matches your style.

 Try these home decoration ideas and we will bring more exciting home tricks.

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