20 things to turf from your home once you turn 30


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20 things to turf from your home once you turn 30

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
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We tend to forget all the awesome things that come with being on in years. Once you’re out of your 20s, life becomes more stable and you have more confidence in yourself. Now is the time to grow out of those home decor hacks that you have used in your college years. You might have been able to get away with using a guitar case as a coffee table in the past, but we have better ideas.

Today we are looking at all the things you have to turf from your home once you’re out of your 20s. If you fancy yourself style-conscious then it will be easy to follow our guide. Let’s take a look at home design for real adults. If you need some expert help, it’s easy to contact professionals on homify. Let’s start our list!

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1. Birthday Cards. They don't need to be on display in your home, you can keep them in a folder.

2. Cheap plastic chairs outside. They are not worth the money! They look terrible and can break easily. Opt for stronger ones, made of wood or wicker, and look like a grown up.

3. A messy kitchen. You're not living in a frat house and Mom isn't there to tidy up after you. Keep the kitchen clean so you can actually cook in there.

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4. An empty patio. Is it always going to look like you just moved in?

Example: spruce it up with some furniture and decor. You deserve to have a beautiful and functional space.

5. Unintentional minimalism. It looks like you might have been robbed…

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Example: make a minimalist look more livable by using patterns, colour, and texture.

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6. Mismatched dishes. Grown ups have complete sets so they can entertain gracefully. Get rid of your beer steins in favour of actual drinking glasses.

7. A mattress on the floor. Treat yourself to an actual bed. It's better for your back and can class up a home.

8. A bare bed. It looks gruesome!

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Example: use linens, cushions, and pillows to make your bed look like a haven after a long day.

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9. An ugly entrance. Unless you're trying to keep everyone away!

Example: using good lighting or some plants to make your entryway inviting for guests.

10. A showy item like a hot tub. Don't buy showy pieces to impress your friends. At a certain age, it becomes less of a party gag and more like a way to relax sore muscles.

11. Dirty or cracked walls. These are easily remedied with some elbow grease, fillers, and paint. It'll take you less than a weekend and makes it look like you care.

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12. Junk rooms or chronic clutter.

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13. Either you or your friends will start having kids soon. Get rid of glass edged furniture to be more kid friendly.

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14. Ill fitting cabinets. Grab a screw driver and fix up the place.

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15. Exposed and hanging cables. It's ugly and hazardous.

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16. Broken appliances. Get the air conditioner or heater fixed before you are in need of them!

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17. Dying plants and wilting flowers. Take care of the green things in your home!

18. Ratty furniture. It's time to invest in quality pieces.

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19. A cluttered office. How will you get work done?

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Example: clean and uncluttered work spaces look better and more grown up.

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20. Garish design. It's time for something more sophisticated.

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That's all for our guide to home design once you're out of your 20s! Actually the wallpaper in this bedroom is fun. No shame! We love a bit of whimsy and fun in home design.

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