A girl's bedroom fit for a princess

Leigh Leigh
Polovets design studio ห้องนอนเด็ก
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Little girls are made from sugar, spice and all things nice, which is why their bedrooms need to be perfect, reflecting their beauty, imagination and wonder at the world. There are so many tips and tricks for making a girl's bedroom fit for a princess, from colour to accessories and curtains. It also doesn't matter if the princess is keen on red, pink or blue or likes cars, dolls or animals, there is an abundance of ways to make a bedroom gorgeous, entertaining and fun. 

Children are also easy to please so with bright colours, bold lines and creative finishing touches, they may never want to leave their bedroom. Understanding the child behind the little girl is the key to creating the perfect girl's bedroom. With this understanding, it is easy to make a little girl feel like royalty.

Creative with colour

Until recently dolls were often pink, girls' bedrooms were often pink and outfits for our daughters were often pink but believe it or not, pink wasn't always a colour typically used for girls. In fact, before the 1940s pink was commonly related to men as it was seen to represent strength because of its close ties to red. Due to the gentler nature of women, blue was more commonly associated with the feminine.

Today, colours are for everybody, opening up a wealth of opportunity for a girl's bedroom. In this impressive bedroom, designed by Ukrainian interior architects Polovets & Tymoshenko Design Studio, it's clear to see how well blues, pinks, purples, mauve and even a touch of maroon can work together, creating the ultimate princess bedroom. 

Colour doesn't need to unified and matching in modern designs either. Introduce a blend of different colours to break up the style and design. Get creative with wall paper, different coloured throw cushions and accessories.  These days a girl's bedroom has the full range of the colour spectrum available for exploration.

Bed decision

homify ห้องนอนเด็ก

A bed is one of the most fun ways to spruce up a little girl's bedroom and considering that they spend at least eight hours a day there, why not? Include anything from a tree house to a car to take the little princess into la-la land. Not only do funky beds make the bedroom look beautiful and stylish but for girls who don't like to go to sleep, it provides extra incentive to hop under the covers. If themed beds aren't a favourite, opt for a colourful bedpost.

Beds also provide the opportunity to save a lot of space in a bedroom by opting for bunk beds or beds that include impressive storage units that are built in. See this product range of beds and cribs.

Don't blow your whole budget on the bed though because it won't be long until the little princess is growing up, which means changing styles and tastes. At 15 she may not want to be sleeping in a doll house!

Lighting up their life

Long gone are the days of boring light fittings and pink lampshades. Creating the perfect princess bedroom can be far more creative and fun. Using lighting to highlight murals, art or features of a girl's bedroom can change the whole effect. Notice how the clouds on the roof of this bedroom are accentuated by the down lights and how the natural light works with the colours of the room, softened by the see-through curtains.

Natural light is a wonderful thing for a child's bedroom, as well as the whole house. Not only does it mean less artificial light but it naturally warms the room. There are also really fun accessories and lampshades for lights. Do you see how these petal shaped lampshades work so well with the colours and the theme of the bedroom? Lighting doesn't simply have to be a function, it can enhance the whole look and feel of a bedroom.

Make learning enjoyable

Children spend a lot of time in their study area, completing homework and working on projects. However, with a smart design it can be a spacious area without taking up too much bedroom space. Mariangel Coghlan, Mexican architects, have amazing designs for making the most of the space in a child's bedroom to draw inspiration from. One example is creating a bunk bed, but using the bottom as a study area. Another is using shelves and vertical space for books, stationery and notepads. 

Another tip about a study area for a little girl is to keep it free from clutter and mess. It should be a clean and clear space that complements the rest of the bedroom. Opt for a neutral wooden desk and pair with a funky coloured chair that works with the colour scheme in the bedroom.  Trendy desk lamps are also a fun addition to any study area.

Accessories make things fun!

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Accessories are the best part of designing the bedroom of a little princess. Once a colour scheme and theme have been chosen, there is literally no limit to the accessories that can be used throughout a girl's bedroom.  Use colourful throws and cushions on the bed to brighten it up and maintain the theme. Use wallpaper, paint or even murals for the walls, creating a fantasy wonderland for child's imagination. 

Opt for neutral coloured furniture such as white, black, beige or wooden bed posts, desks and chairs and bring colour in around it. When the little girl becomes older, the furniture will be able to be used in a whole new themed bedroom. Beanbags and rugs are also a fantastic addition to a child's bedroom, creating a comfortable floor space for a girl while she is playing, drawing or spending time with her friends. Artwork is also fun and funky and doesn't have to be pricey. Frame your daughter's pictures and mount them on the walls – she'll feel like she's decorated the room herself.

See this: 6 tips your kids would love in their bedrooms.

Mirror mirror on the wall

homify ห้องนอนเด็ก Pink

Mirrors work well throughout the home but in a girl's bedroom, can add space and depth to the room as well as an opportunity for sing-along performances and modelling shows to take place.Notice how small the bedroom in the photo looks but how the mirror makes the bedroom look much bigger. Mirrors are both functional and decorative.

Safety is a huge priority when it comes to putting a mirror up in a child's bedroom so the first thing is to ensure that no matter what size or shape mirror is used, it's securely fastened. After that, there is no limit. Use a full-length mirror or a framed mirror and incorporate funky shapes and different colours. A little girl truly is a princess and should feel like it when they are in their bedroom. It should be a place of magic, inspiration and fantasy as well as a wonderland for the dreams and possibilities of the future. With a few smart tips, the perfect princess room can be created!