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15 simple ideas to make your entrance look beautiful

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The entrance to your home should always be considered when planning the perfect residence, as it gives the first impression of what lies beyond. A warm and welcoming porch or driveway need not be hard to come by, and can go a long way in introducing visitors and guests to your design personality!

Whether you favour simple, minimalist style, or vibrant creativity, these 15 ideas to perfect your porch or driveway will provide some food for though on how to take your abode to the next level. Take a look and enjoy!

1. Sparse and minimalist

When creating the perfect entryway to your home, there's no need to go overboard. A sparse and minimalist design can be perfect to put visitors and guests at ease, with this understated porch demonstrating just that. The gravel seen here carves a simple path to the front door, with the small stones echoing the home's facade, and a quaint, potted plant softens the scene with a hint of nature.

2. A well-defined pathway

A garden path or stepping stones are a wonderful way to showcase an inviting entry, with the vintage timber slats used here adding a homely element to this porch. The timber contrasts wonderfully against the surrounding pebbles, infusing this home's modern facade with a sense of rustic style.

3. Let the entryway speak for itself

As noted, less can sometimes equal more when it comes to designing the entrance to your home. This bold doorway needs little in the way of decoration, with an ornate lamp and small garden already augmenting the scene. Thus, the home owners have just opted for a simple door mat, which marks this entryway with a functional sense of ease and style.

4. Frame the door with plants

Plants are wonderful way to infuse vibrancy and a sense of nature within your home, and they work just as well when framing the front door. This pristine, white abode definitely benefits from the addition of the two small garden beds, with the greenery refreshing the scene and providing a natural welcome.

5. A watery embrace

If you're wanting to go that extra mile when decorating the front of your home, you might consider a water feature or fountain! What better way to add a decorative element to your porch or driveway than by infusing the space with the soothing effect of running water?

6. An artistic touch

For those seeking to make a bold aesthetic statement when designing their home's entryway, a personalised artwork might be just the thing! Art can be a great way to express your personality to guests and visitors, and always proves a lively talking point.

7. Pristine paving

A neat and well-groomed facade can be just as appealing as the addition of vibrant artwork, with this abode stealing the show through its understated style. Perfectly paved grey bricks set a modern scene, with a couple of potted plants softening this porch with a hint of nature. 

8. Flowing timber

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Timber has long been used to construct cosy and welcoming dwellings, with woodgrain working well to soothe the senses. This facade uses reams of timber in contrasting colours to create a sense of rustic style, with pebbles and foliage also used for added texture.

9. Let loose with your creativity

In keeping with the notion that your porch or driveway will create a first impression for guests and visitors, why not let loose with your creativity and really express yourself? The design of your home can be the ultimate manifestation of your personality, and sometimes its best to take a risk.

10. Geometry in action

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This lovely facade presents a sophisticated and modern take on a geometric construction, with its criss-crossing lines engaging the eye without the use of bright colours or patterns. The effect is one of intrigue, with the home exuding a slightly Asian design aesthetic, especially through the large vases placed on either side of the front door.

11. Narrow and flowing

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If your front door can only be reached by a narrow walkway or corridor, think about how it might be decorated to ensure a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. This walkway has been painted in fresh white, allowing light to bounce about the space in order that it doesn't feel cramped and constrained.

12. Soft curves

This home uses soft curves to augment its lofty front door for a welcoming feel. The caramel tone of the timber is bright and refreshing, while a couple deck chairs have been placed by the portal for a casual and inviting effect.

13. Striking colours

Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire Roundhouse Architecture Ltd หน้าต่าง
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

If you live in a traditional or rustic dwelling such as that seen here, it can be a great idea to employ a bold, striking colour to decorate your doorway. This vibrant blue provides a stylish contrast to the home's stone facade, modernising what appears to be a very old abode.

14. Crisp and modern lines

The architect who designed this contemporary home has opted for an ultra-modern feel, with its white, geometric facade at once intriguing and understated. The porch certainly tells you what can be expected from the home's interior, with a luxurious, modern dwelling doubtless laying in wait beyond that pristine, glass front door.

15. Decorate with ornate pots

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While greenery can be a wonderful way to decorate your home's porch or driveway, adding a refreshing, natural touch to a modern facade, you can also choose to express yourself through the use of ornate pots. The pots seen here add a delicate edge to the sharp lines of this porch, creating a lovely contrast with which to charm visitors. 

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