7 pictures of interior doors for your home


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7 pictures of interior doors for your home

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How much thought do we give to the design of our interior doors when building or renovating our homes? Generally… not much! Yet, with a bit of planning, interior doors can become outstanding elements of the decor and uplift the home to a superior level! 

The 7 ideas we bring to you today showcase how you can play with colours, materials and designs, and are sure to motivate you to view your doors in a new light! Let’s have a look!

1. Elaborate Design

A beautifully carved wooden door can boost the style quotient in a home manifold, giving your home a rich and classy look. Synonymous with historical buildings, palaces and museums, an elaborately carved door must be included intelligently in a décor scheme that sets it off to best advantage.

3. Vintage Look

Reminiscent of old castles, with iron fittings and a traditional-looking curved glass pane below a brick arch, this rough wooden door is a special style statement. This is a door with a classic character, and hence should be used in vintage-themed homes that include other classic accessories as well. It was designed by the talented artists and artisans at Vigo Mosaici SNC.

6. Monochromatic Marvel

Monochrome is invariably an elegant look and a white and gray décor is the perfect setting for a stunning black and white door! The solid black sections are eye-catching and impressive and are ingeniously matched by the black border running along the floor, creating a balanced colour theme.

4. Two-Way Sliding Door

Simple and minimalist in appearance, this door exudes dollops of style nonetheless! The colour of the polished wood is rich and warm and blends well with the décor. This sliding door can move in either direction, making it a convenient and trendy addition to the area.

2. Natural Wood

คลาสสิก  โดย homify, คลาสสิค

Another door that cannot go wrong is a natural wooden door. In this picture, the lovely natural-hued door with its simple geometrical design enhances the aesthetic appeal of a classy room decorated with beautiful furniture and accessories.

5. Immaculate Elegance

โดย homify คันทรี่

White wood and glass – what an elegant combination that can fit into practically any décor scheme! Here, this classy sliding door has a smart geometrical design and is teamed harmoniously with beige walls and a light wooden floor.

7. Glass Panels

โดย Romagnoli Porte คลาสสิค

Doors with glass panes extending from top to bottom are another lovely choice for the interior. Not only do they make the area look more spacious, they also add freshness and beauty to the decor. The door pictured here matches the windows of the spacious room and looks classy in the white, gray and brown color palette.

No matter what kind of decor prevails in your home, there’s always an amazing door available for simply any kind of interior! These 7 brilliant ideas are sure to inspire you to choose the right door for your interiors. 

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