18 staircases with stone and water gardens, spectacular!


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18 staircases with stone and water gardens, spectacular!

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
ทันสมัย  โดย Desnivel Arquitectos, โมเดิร์น
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The good old staircase has always been an excuse to not only link up different floors, but also flaunt a big focal piece in a room. But since the introduction of the fabulous indoor garden underneath the staircase, both plants and steps now have a unique new way of drawing attention to themselves.

That is why we thought we’d highlight 18 of the best expertly crafted under-stairs gardens that are unapologetically eye-catching and super stylish. These models we’ll be reviewing are all of different designs, yet share the same common theme of tranquillity and peaceful bliss.

So, from natural stones to lush plants, and even some water bodies thrown in here and there, let’s take a look at some of our favourite under-stairs interior gardens that can serve to inspire your inner interior designer!

1. Keeping it simple with glass balustrades and smooth pebbles.

โดย LK&Projekt GmbH โมเดิร์น

2. A tall tree that reaches upwards draws attention to this house’s height.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย aaestudio โมเดิร์น

3. A stone garden that matches your interior colour scheme is a fabulous way of keeping that style harmonious.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย Arquiplan โมเดิร์น

4. Stepping stones and a little pool are the perfect choices for a tranquil interior look.

5. Want your interior garden to demand attention? Then let those trees dominate both the garden- and staircase space.

6. Some sparkling lighting fixtures will add style and glamour!

7. Wall artwork that mimics the stone garden’s colours is the perfect touch for this focal staircase.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย GLR Arquitectos โมเดิร์น

8. This floating design is both dreamlike and Zen – who would ever want to leave this house?

โดย 21arquitectos มินิมัล

9. What would have been a waste of space has become a striking garden underneath these floating steps – we love it!

10. A pebble garden and a full-on water feature under the staircase? Just wow…

11. Notice how the garden’s greens break through the rest of the interior tones. Splendid interior designing.

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12. A contemporary sculpture mixed with a lush garden spot? Perfect contrast!

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย Interiorisarte โมเดิร์น

13. We love the dark- and-delightful look that these black stones bring to this modern staircase.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย ze|arquitectura โมเดิร์น

14. The soothing sound of running water is the ideal companion for this timber-clad staircase.

15. Notice how exquisitely the spiky plants offset with the smooth, curvy flow of the spiral staircase.

16. The green wall is the perfect choice for this industrial-style space with its moody neutral tones.

17. The stone garden adds both texture and diversity to this sleek hallway of creams.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย 2M Arquitectura โมเดิร์น

18. The small pebble garden doesn’t subtract from the staircase and focal wall in this design – it merely adds to the sophistication of the space.

ห้องโถงทางเดินและบันไดสมัยใหม่ โดย Space Interface โมเดิร์น

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โดย Casas inHAUS โมเดิร์น