DIY: 44 Pallet Hacks You Can Easily Copy


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DIY: 44 Pallet Hacks You Can Easily Copy

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Topics covered: DIY, upcycling, furniture, woodworking. 

Recycling is a no-brainer. It's good for planet Earth, budget-friendly and gratifying. 

Industrial pallets, the ones you find piled up behind a supermarket, are a favourite in the up-cycling world. All you need is a little dexterity and a sprinkling of creativity. Use pallets to build a bench, a bed or side table. homify has compiled a list of 44 furniture ideas that you can do yourself. So get ready to be inspired and get out the hammer and nails. 

1. A wonderful cozy place to sit on your terrace. Pallets can be picked up for free from construction sites, grocery stores or ordered in batches for a low price.

2. Instead of a sofa, you can also opt for a bench with cushion for an Oriental atmosphere.

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3. For the eco-lovers: You can also place the furniture inside.

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4. Stack them together with a glass plate and wheels and you've got a snazzy patio table

5. For a wonderful industrial look, use pallets

6. Brighten them up with a bit of whitewash

7. Whitewashed pallets and azure pillows evoke the Mediterranean

8. For extra comfy seating, embellish them with bulky pillows

9. Go dark for a more classic look

Don't be afraid to add deep dark stains, or paint, to add sophistication to your palette wood designs. 

Looking for more savvy home tips? Here's the seven habits you need to cultivate for a cleaner home

10. Colourful pillows always brighten up a space.

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย Paletten-Style, อินดัสเตรียล ไม้ Wood effect

11. And try something different like this by chopping up the pallet in various lengths.

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย Biogibson, อินดัสเตรียล ไม้ Wood effect

12. Or choose a pattern to break up the monotony.

ผสมผสาน  โดย Pallet furniture uk, ผสมผสาน
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit

Pallet furniture uk

13. Oil a few shelves in different colors and make them look old for a retro effect.

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14. Or leave them just as they are ..

บ้านนอก  โดย Equilibra, ชนบทฝรั่ง

15. With some pallets stacked together, create a higher bench or table.

16. And think of the possibilities of lighting. Wow, ultra-violet!

17. Use whole pallets for smart designs like this sun lounger.

18. But you can also create an entire seating area with chairs, and a warm tint of paint!

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19. With two pallets and glass plate and you have a nice industrial-style table for your living room

20. Or add a double mattress for extra comfy seating.

ทันสมัย  โดย Camila Feriato, โมเดิร์น ไม้ Wood effect

21. Bring liveliness to your pallet bed with a nice shade of green!

บ้านนอก  โดย Biogibson, ชนบทฝรั่ง

23. Pallets may not be chic but with premium bedding will nevertheless create a comfy and luxurious bed.

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย homify, อินดัสเตรียล

24.Or perhaps this hanging pallet bed is perfect for your castle

Light-weight palette wood makes all kind of fun swing designs possible! 

25. Paint you pallet so you don't see the boring base

บ้านนอก  โดย Biogibson, ชนบทฝรั่ง

26. A fruit crate is a fun bedside table

27. Or knock of the sides and get a bit more creative

บ้านนอก  โดย starg, ชนบทฝรั่ง

This genius little creation can side on top of the bed and act as a table for mealtime! 

28. This raw nightstand is beautiful for its simplicity

ที่เรียบง่าย  โดย Piggledy Pallet Furniture, มินิมัล ไม้ Wood effect
Piggledy Pallet Furniture

Pallet Bedside Table

Piggledy Pallet Furniture

29. With a touch of whitewash, create a cozy dining table

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย La maison, อินดัสเตรียล

30. Turn a fruit box upside down, add a cushion and you've got some hip, on-the-fly seating

31. Do you need a lot of storage space? Then copy this closet!

โดย homify อินดัสเตรียล

32. They work in the bathroom too

33. Go retro with a few pop art pillows

34. Stain the pallet and use it as a vintage-looking shelf

บ้านนอก  โดย Palettano, ชนบทฝรั่ง

35. Or go with black and white

If you have a little spot in your home where you need to hang things, whether for your chalk, your keys, or your hats, palette wood is a great solution. 

36. Turn then into staggered planters

37. And paint them white so that your plants pop!

Now is the time to build a little something extra for the garden pots. This design keeps them feeling unified and makes them easy to move! 

38. More storage

39. You can also create a green wall or vertical garden with pallets

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย Pop up Pallets, อินดัสเตรียล

40. Or, a stunning floral display

ด้านอุตสาหกรรม  โดย Pop up Pallets, อินดัสเตรียล

41. A mobile coffee table! When the guest leave, push it aside.

42. Use a single lacquered pallet to build a coffee table in a jiffy

โดย LAVRADIO DESIGN ชนบทฝรั่ง

43. Cute as a divider , this pallet doubles as sofa in your garden. Enough space for all your guests ..

44. This creative and playful arrangement is ideal for your herb garden!

Do you like working with your hands and getting creative in your garden? We think you'll enjoy this ideabook: Grow Up: Plant A Vertical Garden.

- Based on a translation from homify Turkey.

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