13 fabulous home entrance ideas for small houses


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13 fabulous home entrance ideas for small houses

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If you have a small home but want to make a big impression with your entrance, this is the article for you! We've scoured the world of homify to find some of the most delightful, charming and eye-catching home entrances ever installed and we're confident some will resonate with you perfectly.

Thank goodness for amazing designers that give us all these ideas to work from, hey?

Just don't forget to carry your exterior home design theme through into your hallway for a really cohesive feel!

1A. A dark wooden door with a small modern garden looks so chic!

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

1B. As we pan back you can really see what an impact that front door has on such a stylish façade

โดย homify โมเดิร์น

2A. A colourful entrance will never go unnoticed. Experiment with classic, timeless colours

2B. A little green wall installation won't go amiss either

3. A Zen path created from wooden steps and dazzling shingle will be impossible for guests to ignore

4. A porch adds a sense of gravitas to any home entrance

5. To make your entrance stand out, interesting wall textures are a must. This stone cladding looks good enough to touch!

6A. Rustic styling can highlight architectural touches and we think this gorgeous wooden door is the perfect match for the windows and roof beams

6B. Look at that stone door surround! That really is rustic

7. An eclectic home entrance is a great way to include your own style and personality in every aspect of your home

8. A vibrant, colourful front door looks striking and stunning. We just happen to love yellow!

9. There's nothing wrong with a little tradition, if that's what you like. A tiled pathway and potted plants make for a welcoming aesthetic

โดย YUSO คลาสสิค

10. How's this for a contemporary home entrance? The monochrome scheme looks amazing

11. If you're not going to put your home on a pedestal, who will? We love the step-up entrance here, as well as the simplicity of that chunky front door

12. Giving thought to how you'll light your home entrance is vital and we love this idea, which sees bordering plants perfectly lit

โดย arQing มินิมัล

13. If you like to hide away from the world, your entrance can do the same thing. A heavily landscaped entrance will look amazing and give you the privacy that you crave

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For more beautiful home entrance inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 Simple Ideas To Make Your Home Entrance Prettier.

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